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  1. Excellent. That works wonderfully. Thank you very much! So much simpler, wow.
  2. Wow, that did it! Thank you. How embarrassing, I missed that entirely. Ok, there's one more thing in regards to that. Need to bump it up a notch then I think I'm all set: I need a second new field now. -The Invoice table has a second child table, called Line Items. -Line Item table has InvoiceID, LineItemID, Price -As you might expect, it's InvoiceID = InvoiceID between Invoice table and Line Items table. -I've got a calculation in Invoice that sums up the Prices of the Line Items, it gets displayed on the Invoice layout (not in a portal). Let's call that z_cLineItemsSUM -I
  3. Hello, Running balances... I've looked at several good threads on the subject, and also downloaded a couple of good example files. However, I'm having a difficult time wrapping my head around how to apply those techniques to my particular solution. Goal: Show a running balance inside of a portal. Setup, as simple as possible: -I've got an Invoice table and a layout based upon it. -On that layout, I've got a portal, which shows records from its child table called Payments. The relationship is InvoiceID = InvoiceID between the Invoice and Payments tables. -The Payments table has
  4. I'm not sure which area I should post this in: Does anyone have experience working with the NACHA file format for processing electronic checks / ACH? The end goal is to electronically process checks from within FileMaker to a bank that only accepts transaction data NACHA file format. Thanks in advance!
  5. Nanore

    Bullet points?

    I agree, there should be little or no difference between a manually bulleted text or an automatic one in terms of how it appears in the final product. The difference lies in creating it. Automatic = half a second of time and effort. No calculations are necessary. Manual = much more than half a second of time and effort. Custom calculations are necessary. -)
  6. Nanore

    Bullet points?

    In fact, the original file passes perfectly between iWork on the Macs and MS Office in the WinXP and Vista machines, no issues with the original document formatting because both word processors recognize and support full Bullet Point functionality - not just manually typed ones as suggested to me earlier. It's only when attempting to place the data into FM do we lose the official Bullet Points functions (and the automatic indentation and alignment that comes along with them), I'm told there likely has to be calculation(s) in FileMaker to emulate the same functionality - My buddy Fenton p
  7. Nanore

    Bullet points?

    Thanks for taking the time to reply, comment. Yes, the bullet points and enumeration were generated on-the-fly by the word processor. Your suggestion does solve half my problem -) Yes, I can manually type the bullets and manually type the indentations. However, the most difficult problem still remains: When manually typing bullet points and using the tab on each line key to create indentation, with the text tool in layout mode, the results are very unreliable. The moment anything changes (slightly different font, slightly different font size, etc. etc), the whole th
  8. Nanore

    Bullet points?

    Hello, I've searched this forum as well as the FileMaker Developer forums, and it would appear that I am the first and only person to ever inquire about "bullet points". My question is actually very simple. I've got a word processing document in a word processor. It contains text. Some portions of the text have bullet points. Where the bullet points are, the text is automatically indented. Very basic, standard, nothing fancy going on. I want to transfer this bullet-formatted text onto a Filemaker layout. In my word processor, I select-all, copy, mosey on over to FileMaker, Layout mode,
  9. Thank you Ted and Steven for looking into this for me. Yes, that was the problem in fact. The boss had installed a copy onto his desk machine out of curiosity and forgot to remove it - he was curious what this software was all about. Now that we removed it there, it launches up on the XSERVE just fine. We can add that reason to the possible causes of that error now. Thanks again!
  10. Thanks Ted, You know what, I think that was it! I ran tcpdump from the terminal while launching FM Server. Lo and behold, it does scan the network for other copies. Decided to launch it again, this time with ethernet unplugged, and it launched proper! It was probably my boss testing it out on his own machine when we received the installer disk earlier this week! Interesting to note, once the FM server has launched, it still runs once I reconnect ethernet to the XSREVE..doesn't seem to kill itself. I wonder if that was really the issue. Will find out tomorrow when boss is back.
  11. Hi Steven, The first time we tried to install it was before doing any system updates - it was literally the first thing we put on it or did to it after the first formatting of the RAID system. So what ever was shipping with XSERVE as of last week is what we installed it onto. When that didn't work, we reformatted, reinstalled OSX, we then allowed it to update this second time around. Then we attempted to install FM Server the second time. Both times gave the same exact result. The statistics: This XSERVE has a hardware RAID card, three SASCSI drives, and 4GB ram.
  12. Thank you for the list of commands. I've tried them, and I still get the exact same error when launching the console. Unfortunately, the help files do not mention what to do in case of this error. Does anyone else have a brand new XSERVE (less than a week old), running the brand new OS (nothing else has been installed on it), and a brand new copy of FM Server Advanced and getting this same error? For $2500 you would think they might actually test their product. I'd hate to waste out precious one phone call on this. Thanks!
  13. Hi Steven, I've tried to type in fmserverd at the terminal, and I get an error - [5607] CreatePIDFile: couldn't open the file for writring: /Library/Filemaker Server/Database Server/.fmserverd.pid Any suggestions? These are brand new, fresh installs of the entire OS and FM Server. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  14. Hello all, Running OSX Server 10.5.4 with all of the latest updates. Just installed FIlemaker Server Advanced. Everything during installation seems to have gone normally. When loading the server admin web page, it downloads a file, then that file launches Java, as it was designed to do. Java throws up a certificate warning, as expected. After Java launches, we get the error "The Database Server is not available. To edit server deployment, please start the Database Server first". Now, I've already googled that phrase and found an post on this site about that same error. The sol
  15. Hello all, I'm a college student working on a large FM solution for a client. It's been a while since I worked in FM and I'm a bit rusty. I would like to hire someone who can devote a couple hours a day, 2 to 3 days a week for a few weeks at least, to help me along when I get stuck. Some of it will be simple little no-brainer things while other times I might need help with a complex calculation. Any suggestions where I can find a trusted pro, without going through some expensive development firm?
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