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  1. you can quite easily add the files to your web folder in any web server and just have an open url script directed to that file. Including Apache on any OSX machine. However this is fantasically insecure and anyone with the url ( which potentially could come up on a google search ) will have access! I also would like to know how to achieve this within IWP with user, password and db related access to the files. I would like to hear that i could just drop them into a file in Filemaker Server and use a url access but i think that would be too easy. any ideas ? b
  2. im affraid due to the number of records, resorting would come across a major glitch. Given that what im after is for there to be no effect at all if the user trys clicking on records i think another approach is needed. thanks though. b
  3. can anyone please advise me on a method to stop a record that is clicked on in list view (iwp)from re shuffling to the top of the screen. i have tried overlaying with a button that does very little (goto current layout) but it still seems to operate the "shuffle" thanks ben
  4. is it possible to have an input field within a custom dialog box to include a drop down value list ? thanks ben
  5. Thanks, the carriage returns works perfect, im not sure how i got this far into the filemaker without it. However of course you a quite right i cant seperate out the quantity. Could you expand a little on "join table" would it only contain those fields ? ben
  6. i have a database that relates stock items to jobs. mostly the stock items are individual and have as specific "serial number" hence are individual records. In this case if a stock item is related to a job i simply fill in a jobID field in the stock item record and the relationship is made. However some stock items are multiple, like "10mm washers" for example. in this case i reduce the stock quantity to match how many have been used on a particular job. the problem comes when i go to write the relationship. As i only have one jobID field in the stock item record, when i go spread the washers
  7. Im a newbee and its confusing as to why when i use GTRR single step, to go to a related line item record in a different DB it works fine. Going to the related record in the correct layout(as chosen). However if i try to do the exact same thing with perform script and write a GTRR script with the exact same parameters the script, when viewed with the script debugger seems to do nothing at the GTRR step ? My reason is simply to add a resize command in the script. Am i missing something ? Thanks Ben
  8. thanks. Ive downloaded this file. Im wondering if its something i can annex it onto my db's with a relationship and a few field name changes. Maybe thats the way to go, it seems pretty comprehensive compared to what i ws after but that is no bad thing. Ben 1142488509-AuditTrail-r4_0.fp7.zip
  9. im trying to create a log of modifications to a record, not what was done but just by who (user) and when (timestamp). my initial thought was just to have a repeating field that went to the next repetition at each auto enter of the user modification and the timestamp. problem is, the data overwrites instead of going to the next repetion and therefor creating a log. can this be done or is my approach floored? is there a simple answer ? thanks Ben
  10. thanks cortical, some of your advice is alittle advanced for me, however i i like the logic behind this idea. Just one thing, how do you "ensure the JLI records are locked once an Invoice state had been applied" Thanks B
  11. Thanks very much Fitch. That should do nicely. B
  12. Im looking for ideas to streamline a customer/stock/job/invoice type solution. My stock db contains every individual item of stock available. clearly there are multiples of same stock items. Item A serial no 1 Item A serial no 2 Item B serial no 1 Item B serial no 2 etc. When it comes to invoicing i would clearly rather have the invoice say customer .. buys 20 x Item A and 10 x Item B rather than listing each item one by one with its serial. However item serial numbers must be logged into the sale so that items can be tracked both to customers and removed from stock accuratel
  13. Here is a quickie, How can i bring the tab order to an end so it does not go round and start again at tab 1. I remenber reading something about hiding a field as the last tab, ive tried it but either the field accepts data input and makes a mess or i have it to not accept data and it shows an ugly "you cant put data in here" message. ? On the same subject, but less important is there an easy way to tab onto the next "tab layout". i cant for the life of me think why Fm uses the same word for 2 concepts within its package but i think you get the idea. Thanks Ben
  14. sorry, i was being a bit vague, i managed to find a definition that worked. i added invoice id=temp invoice id (as wel as putting a "temp invoice id" field into the job line items and filling it whenevr a new invoice is created) to the relationship you suggested so new records are created whenever both these criteria are met. as aposed to new records not being created because "job line items id" allready exists ? Well it does work. I have to say the biggest problem i have is cleaning up the mess ive made on my way to finding the solution that ultimately works. I read the white pape
  15. the relationship works. but again there is a small problem. if the job line item id is the same for two created invoices the script edits the the record with the same job line item id. hence stealing the line item from one invoice and putting it in another (because the invoices are related to invoice line items by invoice iD) can i add a second relationship to the "Job line items ID" = "job Line Items ID" im using between layouts "invoice line items" and "job line items" so that this does not happen ? thanks again B
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