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  1. Hi Ben, I've just installed RESTfm and it looks exactly what I'm after!!! I've just run a simple GET curl command and passed the result through a JSON helper app which is allowing me to extract the data I want. Thanks so much for the pointer. Nik
  2. Hi, I've just updated my profile. FYI I'm running FM Pro 14 on a mac and FM Server 14 on a remote mac. I have always used applescript with FM pro to extract data but the fact that I have to have FM Pro running I find a little clunky. As I mentioned I've successfully updated records by creating a php script that resides on the FM server and I call using the curl command from my Mac. I wandered if it was possible to extract data rather than just update data via curl or some other method without the need for FM pro to be running and having the database open on my mac? Can a PHP script r
  3. Hi, I would like to be able query my remote database that's being hosted by FM Server on my Mac but I'm unsure about the best way to do this. Previously I've updated records but creating a simple php script that lives on the FM server and calling it using curl from my mac. Up until now I have always extracted data by opening the remote FM server database in FM Pro on my mac and using applescript to interact with records but if possible I would like to do the same without having to open the remote database using FM Pro. What would be the best way of doing this? should/could I run a php scr
  4. Hi Shweta, this is amazing help with great comments. many thanks for this. Could I ask one questions please. My database is for Purchase Orders so I have a parent record that displays all of the purchase order items via a portal. When I find the Purchase Order record based on the ID will the find results also contain the Purchase Order items data from the portal? Many Thanks again, Nik
  5. Hi guys, sorry for the confusion. Originally I was trying to find a solution using FM's built in WebDirect solution, so that I didn't have to build any pages but as Wim indicated this would be difficult due to the authentication WebDirect requires. So I've started to look at building a php page that will perform a search for the specific record and then display the results. I'm using Filemaker Server 14 & Filemaker Pro Advance 14. Thanks, Nik
  6. Hi Wim, thanks again for your reply. I think the safest option is your first suggestions. I'm planning on creating a field in the database that contains a random string and then make that form part of the url, then perform a find for that unique string so that a user can only access the specific record details. I have managed to perform this first part but now it's just a case of making it look pretty! (total noob to php/html)!!! Thanks, Nik
  7. Hi Wim, thanks for your reply. Apologies but my question was with FileMaker WebDirect rather than CWP. Do you know of a solution for WebDirect? Thanks, Nik
  8. Hi all, I have a database that is being accessed via custom web publishing externally and I would like to generate a url for a specific record, is this possible? The idea being that if I generated a url to a specific record I could email it and the end user and they would only have access to that 1 record. Thanks, Nik
  9. Hi there, I have a drop down menu that contains 4 choices, I also have a second drop down menu that contains related values to the choice that the user makes from drop down menu 1, for example drop down 1 choice is Drinks: drop down 2 shows : Tea Coffee Hot chocolate or drop down 1 choice is Bakery: drop down 2 shows : Bread Cakes This relational lookup works fine when using Filemaker Pro but when I look at this via IWP in a browser the dynamic value lists aren't loading f
  10. Hi Fitch, Thanks for your reply. In waiting for an answer I've tried a couple of things and found that if I create a script like this: Revert Record/Request [No dialog] Revert Record/Request [No dialog] Goto Layout ["Main" (DatabaseName)) and link it to a button on the page it does the trick. Many thanks again both for your tips/advice, Nik
  11. Many thanks for your reply David. I will give this a try. Can I just ask would the commit button trigger a script that checks the mandatory fields for data? If the field has not been completed would I then need to redirect to another layout or just display a dialog? Thanks again for your help, Nik
  12. Hi There, I'm just starting to use IWP on a basic database and would like to know if it's possible to cancel a new record request from a web browser? I know that IWP provides a Cancel button if new record is initiated but by default I'm hiding the IWP buttons and replacing them with my own. The problem that I'm having is that if a user presses my New Booking button by mistake it takes them to a layout that allows them to input data for the new record, and because one of the fields is a mandatory field it won't allow them to leave the page without entering a value. I've even added a ho
  13. After going around in circles uninstalling and reinstalling FMS11 and restoring Apache I solved my problem with a 'I might as well give it a go as I've tried everything else' procedure. Firstly I obtained my xserves hostname then changed my /etc/hosts file from: localhost to xserveshostname and redeployed the web services. Much to my amazement it worked. Now I'm not sure if not setting this in the beginning was a school boy error on my part or just something that's not documented but either way I thought I'd post it just incase anybody else has a similar prob
  14. Hi Carl, Thanks for you response. The OS X server was previously running Tiger and was updated to Snow Leopard before installing FMS11 but had never been configured for any web services. After trying lots of processes I made sure that I enabled the web services using the Server Admin app and made sure that I could see the OS X test page locally and from another machine on the network using the X servers IP address. I then reinstalled FMS11 and tried to configure but without success. Other than turning the web services on I have not configured it any further. I have not knowingly
  15. Hi, I have been trying to enable Web Publishing on a Mac OS X Server running 10.6.4 but every time it runs the Web Server test fails. I have read many posts about this issue on this site and others but unfortunately I have had no success in resolving it. My last process was to uninstall FMS11 then restore the Apache2 folder from a time machine (previously just restored the httpd.conf file). Ensure that within the Server Admin that 'Web' was enabled and that I could reach the OS X Server test page from and the machines IP Address. I then reinstalled FMS11 and tried to enable
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