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  1. Hi Lee, Thank you for the sample file i am most grateful .. even lloking at the sample file i dont yet understand this witchcraft used in Calc fields but i am able progress my solution further with your generous help... Thanks again..
  2. Help Please, I am trying to figure out how to extract field contents via a calculation as follows: My lookup field is ABCDEFG-01-12345.jpg I want to automaticaly extract only 12345 to be placed into another field? I tried the Calculation Right ( Sorce field; 5 ) but that returns me 5.jpg any adivise is most welcome. Thank you
  3. Please Help match an imported field

    OK I can answer my own question now, i created another field to target the import to and I used replace field contents "Left (Design) (7) ) to look up the target data. This new field then only held the "AB12343" part.. which i could use to update matching records in found set. If any other newbies have a similar puzzle..
  4. Hi Guys can anyone advise me please with my following problem. I have a database (FM15) containing a field populated with the following example "AB12343-02-12345" I want to import a csv using "match existing records" matching only the "AB12343" element of the existing records. Then a new field is used to store the imported "AB12343" because i don't want to overwrite the completed field of "AB12343-02-12345" if no match exists it will create a new record. A big thank you for any Guru help on this!
  5. Find expiry date range

    Thank You for the sample file Lee that helps me understand the options i have much better. kind regards
  6. Find expiry date range

    Hi can anyone offer advise on the best practice to script a find function please? I have a "expiry date field" e.g.: 12/03/2018 and would like to have a script that could show records that fall within 8 weeks before or after the expiry date. Thank you
  7. Hi, does anyone know how to validate a container field as unique? I am placing a barcode graphic into a container field and want to ensure that barcode can't get assigned to another record. Thanks for any help..
  8. Hi Can anyone advise on how i can script a button that would populate a Table view field with squential numbers. i.e.; i need to generate a batch of 1000 squential numbers starting at 010000000001 into field which could then be exported to third party program. Thank you for any hints on best practice here.
  9. Hi can anyone help advise on a script step to export certain fields to an excel document.. I wish to export content from 20 fields from the current record into a single xls document presented in a single colum view. (not rows) e.g.: abc123 ASD223 etc many thanks
  10. Thank you comment for your invaluable help. Thanks again...
  11. Hi Agnes thank you for your advise, i will look into your suggested solution. I am very grateful for your response ive been scratching my head for days on this
  12. Hi does anyone know if its possible to write a script that will search a single active record for data containing a unique 7 didgit number and then select that field? many thanks for any pointers...
  13. Hi Guys can anyone advise me where to start with my following problem. I have a "single record" with several image containers fields, each image also has an identifying code ref field e.g.: 0003889 when i search 0003889 in quick find how can i ask filemaker to find and highlight the field containing the 0003889 data field? The purpose is to show where on the page that code/image is placed on the layout many thanks for any advise you experts can offer.
  14. Hi Guys my database as 50,000 records and 1 field as the following formatting (7numbers-2numbers-5numbers) "1234567-01-12345" and i would like to change all the "-" to "_" without effecting the numbers, is this possible? if so then i would like to make all future entries use the underscores automatically in place of hyphens? Thanks for any help..

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