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  1. Hello, I'm developing on Windows but my boss and a few users are using a Mac. I can't find clear information. In FM scripts in the Export Records function. Is it possible to write a path to a network location that will work for a Mac exporting ans XLS file ? On Windows it works with: filewin://computerName/shareName/directoryName/fileName But on a Mac ?
  2. Thank you. I'd like one more precision - Would FMS 11 Advanced work in 64-bit ?
  3. Hello, Is it possible to install FMS 10 Advanced on Windows 2008 server ? Thank you.
  4. I just tried ... but it didn't work. Anyway, why would it have worked until last week and not this week ?
  5. Hello, We had a FM database running on Filemaker 10 Server Advanced (but the problem also happens in Filemaker Pro 10 Advanced on another computer. It was sending e-mails through SMTP in some scripts. Since last week-end, the scripts display error "Mail could not be sent successfully" ? (code: 1506 if I remember well) The network admin says he hasn't changed anything to the mail server. How can I get more details about this error to know what's going on ? Thank you.
  6. Hello, I don't really get it. I don't know twitter really good, but when I go to you twitter, I juste find a link back to you post here in this topic ... Also, we don't really know what it "Single Sign On". The situation here : We use a Filemaker database shared through IWP in our office and we would like people to be able to access it from the outside using their network login/password that is used in some other applications (in ASP .net). There is a rather complex permissions systems in the database base on Filemaker user account and a table countaining user data.
  7. Hello, 1° ) Is it possible to use Windows Authentication with FMP Instant Web Publishing ? 2°) Any good link/documentation to get started ? Thank you.
  8. Hello, I have a rather 'simple' question. I don't find how I'm supposed to launch the PHP site assistant ? Where is it ? Thank you. (using Filemaker Server Advanced 10)
  9. This was the problem, thank you. (32-bit system)
  10. Hello, I' need a data base shared through Filemaker Server 10 to be able to get some info from a MySql database on the company's network. Test on my computer (Filemaker Pro Advanced 10) 1- installed MyODBC drivers 2- created the connection to the newtwork MySql database 3- Define the MySql database as en external source Eveything ok. On the server, point 1 and 2 ok. But when I remotely open the filemaker database that's shared on the server with my client and try to set the external datasource there is not ODBC database in the external sources menu. Shoul
  11. Found, the problem was related to IIS (probabbly an old user that the admin had used with an old exchange server)
  12. Hello, When I'm trying to use instant XML publishing on the company network, with internet explorer 8, I just get an error page. With Firefox, I get an authentication dialog saying "Enter user name and password for http://'my-server-name'" I've tried to enter there - my network login/password - my filemaker (admin) login/password) etc And nothing work. BUT : If I just click on 'Cancel', I get another authentication dialog saying "A user name and password are being requested by http://'my-server-name'. The site says: "'my-db-name'"" There, I enter my filem
  13. That make a lot of data to import ... There is now easier way ?
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