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  1. That looks perfect. I'll have a go at it. Thanks!
  2. So, should I import the data into a different table and then display it on my layout via a portal? How do I parse it out? Do I need to manually create the lines in Excel first? BTW, thanks for the help.
  3. What I want is the field to be imported into the following fields in one record: Product Qty Price Total Pick n Click 1 $29.99 $29.99 Extra DVD(s) 2 $10.00 $20.00 The following items in the original .csv file need to be in different fields shown else where in the table layout. Theme: Winter Fun Project Name: You're in Utah Mail Files: 1 I can manually separate and assign these. My difficulty is in getting the Products into a list.
  4. After several hours reading my FMP 8 book and searching these forums, I am still stuck. I'm sure this has been covered and if so, please point me to the thread. I am importing a single line of .csv and want to import it into my FMP database. I know how to import and select the fields to match. What I am having difficulty with is how to handle the field that looks like this: Pick n Click:1:$29.99:$29.99|Pick n Click Extended:1:$25.00:$25.00|Choose Theme:Winter Fun::|Add Extra DVD(s):2:$10.00:$20.00|Project Name:You re in Utah::|Mail Files:1:: I tried to split it into separate
  5. I imported a bunch of graphics as pictures to use as icons for script triggers. I then changed the location of the graphics to a different folder. Now I have a bunch of boxes saying it can't find the graphic. Is there a way to re-reference the graphics? Thanks
  6. Thanks. Not sure how exactly how to create dummy records from a sales order, but I'll think about it and the other ideas in the link you provided. Sure thought there'd be an easy solution, oh well,
  7. When I generate a sales order, I can print an address label. How do I pick which label on the paper to print to, as opposed to always printing on the upper left corner label? I'm sure it is easy, but I haven't had any luck finding the answer. Thanks.
  8. Have you had a chance to look at this? Are you available for outside projects? You can send me your rates, info etc. Thanks.
  9. I realized I uploaded the wrong file, but I've been having problems editing the post. I think there is an issue with the FMForums server. I'll try to get the right one up tomorrow. Thank you very much. Elements.fp7.zip
  10. Hi Barbara, I hope you find this. I previously applied your sample file to my databases, except I didn't plan on having the 'add' song capability. Now, I realize that I need it. I have tried to use your example but when I hit the 'add' button (a red circle in my case) I get the following error: "This operation not possible because the target is not part of a related table." Looking at your example, your table is not related either and the script works fine. I'm guessing I am missing something simple. If you can take a look at my file I'd really, really appreciate it
  11. No, it's the Assignment field that I want to edit. Not a drop down or pop-up, just a empty field to type into. Thanks for your efforts so far.
  12. Tasks layout. Tasks - Create New Assignment from Tasks Thanks.
  13. I decided to add an editable field to a portal that is used to choose 'assignees' from a contact list. This is accomplished through the use of a script. Everything has worked fine so far. My problem is that after I created the Assignment field and added it to the portal it does not allow me to edit the field when the new record is created. I tried a number of ways to get it to be editable, but nothing worked. I am not too knowledgable about scripts, so perhaps it has something to do with how I create the new record. I've attached the file, since trying to describe all of the t.
  14. I knew it was simple. Another example of why modifying someone else's work can end up taking longer than doing it yourself. Thank you very much.
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