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  1. Make sure when you copy the certificate and paste it, it is in Plain Text. I got the certificate on my yahoo account which added formatting to it. Once we converted the certificate text to plain text, it worked.
  2. I just loaded Filemaker 12 to my MacBook. I am having trouble opening files remotely. Filemaker 11 works perfectly, but I cannot get FM 12 to list the available files. I still have FM 11 on my MacBook and can still connect to my files, but not with FM 12. What's going on?
  3. The Option 7 for Mac solved my problem with emailing. Thank you.
  4. I cannot gain access to any field on this record. Every field has a "?".
  5. I have a particular record that shows only "?" in every field. The record shows up in a find with the Primary Key, and also with a search by name, so I believe the information is still there, just not visible. This is on one particular record only. Any thoughts about what happened and how to fix it?
  6. I get the following message when I try to set up IWP on a starter solution I was testing: "Filemaker cannot share files over the web because IWP could not be started." I walked through the step by step directions in FMTS book, Chapter 12, but got that message. I noticed on the IWP dialog in the book there is a URL address that is not showing up on my dialog. I've never tried IWP before and just wanted to test it out. Any suggestions?
  7. It's on a MAC, but I think it does have something to do with the default email.
  8. I have a script which creates a pdf for the current record, creates an email with a pre-determined email address and attaches the pdf file. This works fine on every computer, but one. On the problem computer, it creates the pdf, but doesn't create the email. It just stops. I probably need to set up an email default, but not sure how to do that. Any suggestions.
  9. I got around the problem by doing the following: I limited the number of characters in the fields to 500. I created a new field that I put on the report that takes the first 80 characters and adds a "cont'd on Page 6." I added an additional page (page 6) to my report. On Page 6. I expanded the field to accept 500 characters. Page 6 is printed when needed.
  10. Is there a way using "conditional" formating - to format the first 80 characters as a particular TEXT COLOR? So when character 81 is typed, the text color changes. Or is the conditional format also limited to when you leave the field?
  11. I don't know what a "joke" is?
  12. I tried the html that was sent. I don't understand how to get from the html in to the field. I've never worked with html's, but it certainly did limit the number of characters that could be entered. I just don't know how to translate that to field entry.
  13. I appreciate everyone's input. As a relatively newbie, I just wanted to know IF it can be done. I have spend so much time pouring through the FM Help. The information being entered in this field also shows up on a form we use which has limited space. What I am considering doing is creating a separate field which takes the first 80 characters and then adds "See attached form." Putting the new field on the report. I can then add an additional, optional form which would have enough space to accommodate a large number of characters-and use the original field.
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