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  1. I have a quick question about using filemaker on your website. I have done this before, however I want to change the setup of the deployment. I have an external web host that I want to use. I have done a lot of reading and what to ensure that I am correct with my thinking. To connect our external web server to our filemaker databases (web publishing engine and the actual databases) I need to install Filemaker Server on the web server so that the web server module is installed and that server is made into a worker? Is this correct, or can I simply include the filemaker API on the web server and
  2. Hello. I took a look at your database. I didn't dig into the code, or the structure so I cannot comment on those aspects. However I really like the presentation. It is very well laid out and the design makes its easy on the eyes and easy to use. Very well done for the first time around. I am fairly new to FMP and am self taught as well. I have been using it for about one year now and I have yet to step into the realm of design. Thumbs up -B
  3. I figure out a solution. It had to do with the record not being committed. So I simply just created a script that would delete the portal row and then commit. It works now : Funny how its always something simple like that. However I haven't fully tested out the second issue yet, as the first one was solved I moved onto something else. I will be doing that very soon and I will let you know the outcome **Outcome: I guess the context will change dynamically with the relationship? Not sure but it seems to be working fine.
  4. Hey there, I have a calculation set up to find the total of a few related records via the sum function. Here is how it works. I have a Contracts Table that is Related to a table called InKind. They are related through a unique ID number that is given to each Contract in the Contracts table. Each entry in the InKind table has a cash value. The calculation resides in the Contracts table and is as follows: Sum ( AFF_InKind::Cash Value ) However it doesn't work that way.... First Issue: The InKind table is being displayed in a portal, when I delete a portal row the TOTAL d
  5. A contract cannot be archived and be active at the same time. However there are multiple active contracts. (ps we are talking contracts, not contacts) Yes I see how yours is dynamic, so is mine. Creating a relationship that is dynamic is not the problem (ya I don't really know why I even asked that question in the first place, guess it was to get an official statement if it is supposed to be possible). The relationship is fine, its the data in the portal that doesn't update that is my problem. Any data that is NOT within the portal, yet still comes from the relationship WILL
  6. I did investigate it, implemented it, and the portal continued to do the same thing. I even changed the field to a Number. used a button to change the number in the field. And the portal still showed the same issue. Are dynamic relationships even possible without the use of plugins? Maybe dynamic relationships are not the solution in the first place and maybe I should be thinking of another solution? And all those ID fields get their value from a script triggered by a button called create new, then the user chooses the type of contract and the record is crea
  7. I now see what you mean. However even if I separate the two, and create two different TOG's it still does the same thing. The portal will not update the data when the relationship is changed until I click outside of the portal. I think I have another solution. That solution is to script a button that will change the ID # and then do a go to object script step so that the portal data will update. Simply just automating the action of someone clicking outside the portal. **EDIT** Just implemented that go to object script step on the button... guess what, doesn't work! Ahhhh
  8. I do not know what you mean by anchor buoyed/squitted, sorry. I have attached the file with color coded tables that share the same table. I also wrote a note below explaining the tables that are outlined by the purple line. Anyways hope this helps. Glad to be making progress on this : http://www.atlanticfilm.com/filemaker/RD-Color.jpg *Note the group of tables that are outlined by pink. That is basically the same set of tables. However note the multi criteria relationship with the field "archive". Basically this set of tables is used as an archive. When someone clicks
  9. Thanks for the response! I use a calc field to determine the relationship between "Sponsors" and "Contracts". Why I did this was because there are multiple contracts for each sponsor (one sponsor PER contract however) and I wanted the users to have control over what one they are viewing by using a radio button which controls the field "ActiveContractName" and you will see that in the Case function which changes the field "ActiveContractID" to the appropriate contract ID. The ID's are found in, for example, the field "AFF_ContractID". Here I will add a screen shot of the relationship
  10. Concerning the 2nd bug that I was talking about (which really isn't the biggest concern for me) here are some screen shots. The first screen shot You see here that the first item in the portal has the category of web banner. This was selected from the popup menu. The second screen shot Now you see here when scrolling down through the portal the data from the category popup menu floats through the portal. I have circled it in red.
  11. The popup already does use a value list that pulls its data from a field. Its just the relationship changes based on a calculation. The actual data is not the result of a calculation. And the relationship between the items in the portal and the contract is not human readable, its an ID # I would like to continue working this out with you, your help is appreciated. Anyone else ever experienced this problem with popups in portals? The only data not being updated when the "ActiveContractID" changes (changing the relationship) is the data in the portal. And soon as I click outside
  12. I have noticed 2 things with a portal that seem to be acting as if there is a bug, however I could be doing something wrong. So I am looking for input. The following is my situation. I have two tables that are related through a field called "ActiveContractID". In the first table (the table being browsed) the field is a calculation as follows: Case ( ActiveContractName = "AFF" ; AFF_ContractID; ActiveContractName = "VF" ; VF_ContractID; ActiveContractName = "SP" ; SP_ContractID; ActiveContractName = "FIAV" ; FIAV_ContractID; ActiveContractName = "alFresco" ; AlFresco_Contract
  13. thanks bcooney. in regards to creating a summary field in the ticket table.. that will do the trick.. IF your layout is based off the ticket table. If your browsing the sponsor table that summary field will only calculate the related records. I found my solution, just create a report (columnar) that uses the ticket table. Then the summary field works and I have my totals : I don't think what I initially wanted is possible, to be browsing the sponsor table yet still see a summary of records in the ticket table. Anyways thanks for the input!! :)
  14. Hey there, I am trying to get a total of ALL the records in the portal, related or not. Maybe using "portal" is not the correct wording because the data is in a table, and portals only show related records. But here is how it is set up.. I have a sponsor table and a ticket table. A sponsor can request tickets, when an employee finds out a sponsor wants tickets they enter in the # of tickets that the sponsor as requested. I want the total of ALL tickets that have been requested across all sponsors. I tried using summary fields and summary parts but summary parts seem to on
  15. It looks like that really may be the best solution, despite if I want that to be the solution or not :)
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