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  1. I can appreciate that; advice and guidance are as important as just flatly providing an answer to a question. Let's face it; you just solved my problem in a very straight-forward way and I greatly appreciate it. But if you'd said "why do you want to do that?", it would have been frustrating to me. Not everyone here needs to be taught; some of us are at a level that there are just gaps in our knowledge, things we've never had to deal with, and it would be nice if there was some way to differentiate, rather than painting everyone with the same brush. Hence my earlier confusion over the "Expert"
  2. Lee, Thank you, I didn't notice the profile thing below. And I use the List view as I find the Table view to be very restrictive. In other words, I can do many more things interface-wise with List view than Table view. Then again, I haven't actually checked out Table View in quite some time, so I'll look at it again. Thanks. Gary
  3. Lee, Actually, you make a fairly good point about a possible deficiency in forums like this, that your skill level is tied to how often you contribute to the discussion, which I think is wrong. I've been doing this for many years and am hardly a novice, but appear to be so to the other users and a response to me could be slanted a certain way because of that (see the first response if you doubt this; the immediate assumption was that I was new to FileMaker and had no idea how much repeating fields should be avoided, whereas I was programming in FMP v3 and well recall that nightmare!).
  4. Everyone, Let me back up and actually explain what I'm trying to do for real rather than theoretical. I want to do alternate sorting with my list window column headers, so that when you click a header once, it sorts the list ascending by the field below it; click it again, descending, and I want to show an up or down arrow in each column to indicate this. My thinking was to have 2 rep fields in the table, one for control, and one to display an up or down arrow graphic, where each rep represents a column on the list layout. I want to do it this way because I don't want to end up with 10 co
  5. Thanks! I'm not familiar with the Get ( CalculationRepetitionNumber ) function and will look into it.
  6. I don't use repeating fields much, so this one's got me beat: I have one repeating field with, let's say, 3 repetitions. Each rep could have a 1 or a 2 in it. I have another 3-rep field that's a container calculation. If there's a 1 in the first rep in the first field, I want a specific picture to show up (stored elsewhere) in the first rep of the second field; if there's a 2 in rep 1 of the first field, I want a different picture to show up in rep 1 of the second field. This works fine for repetition 1 of both fields, but how do I construct the formula for the container field so tha
  7. Here's my problem I have a report of "Product Descriptions" and each product will have a "specification" #. The report is sub-sorted by spec #, so that all products with spec #1 show, then spec #2 products, etc. The text box for the production description can have alot of text, spanning more than one page. However, the text box won't break across pages; the sub-summary part is at the top of page 2 with the product desc. below it, and a huge white space on page one under the head. If I don't sort by spec #, the body text breaks across the page fine. Anyway around this? Thanks, Gary
  8. Thanks for the input. As for implementation I just pasted your Workaround stylesheet in the container and it's used during output. As for just setting it up it as separate records unfortunately, this isn't practical. The system this will be used on is remote and the number of dates it will have to output could be in the thousands. Initial tests doing it that way would have made the feature pretty much useless to my client. This way is far faster but, of course, isn't working on the PC yet. And also unfortunately, the target apps need UTF-8. I really just need a style sheet that will convert
  9. I'm afraid your Workaround file didn't work; I'm still getting double line feeds when outputting on Windows. I've included a sample output file here. CourtCal.ics.zip
  10. Thanks for the tip, but are you saying the style sheet I'm using won't work in this case? If so, can you point me at one that does and let me know what inside should be changed to make this work? Thx
  11. I'm trying to export an .ics file that includes iCalendar data for use in iCal, Outlook, Google Calendar, etc. I'm using a technique from this discussion http://fmforums.com/forum/showtopic.php?tid/188654/ where I'm building my data in a single field with embedded FileMaker returns and exporting the one field from one record using Fenton's XML style sheet. The Mac version works okay, with a single line feed at the end of each line. But on the PC, I'm getting 2 line feeds, not carriage return / line feed like I would expect. If someone can look at the sample file and let me know wher
  12. Jesse, Seems to have done the trick! Thank you! Gary
  13. I've got a script that backs up my FMP file's data called "Backup System"... when the file initially opens it runs "AutoBackup" (see screenshot), which runs the backup script, sets a time field to the current time + a # of minutes designated by the user, then runs the "CallScriptAtScheduleTime" function using an unstored timestamp (i.e. "AutoBackup_Next_TS") equaling the current date and that future time and the script called is "AutoBackup" (therefore, the script just keeps calling itself ever X minutes). Strange thing is that it wasn't working so I opened the script window and started p
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