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  1. They do only contain numbers! Worked! Just what I needed! Thank you!
  2. What function/calculation do I use to get the highest of 3 values from three fields (field1 , field2 or field3) to show in field4.
  3. I got it to work! I changed my file setup and use: If ( CNUM = 4847 ; " Completed " ) for the differnt fields and of course changing the course numbers! Thank you for going through the process with me!
  4. I made it so, the users don't have to select from a long list of files on a remote server.
  5. All users login at their level to Gateway which is a file with just buttons. Each button has limited access based on the users' priviledges that they used to login to the Gateway. The user's Gateway login priviledge level is = to the buttons. All users see all butttons but their login to Gateway restricts which buttons will work for them. I want the buttons that will not work for the user to have a message instead of the script that is running asking them to login to the button. They will get a login request everytime they click a button that they don't have access to...I would like a message saying restricted. The login prompt is misleading.
  6. Course Table has all student records 3 fields (ID field, [color:orange]All Courses field, and Grades field) 1200 students each having 7 records...so over 7000 records Aduit Table 30 fields (1 Student ID field, 28 [color:orange]Required Course Number fields (empty), 1 Grade field (empty). 1200 records...1 per student. How do I fill the 29 fields in the Audit table?
  7. How would you handle a file that is given to you that has 7 records for each student. 1200 students X 7 records. There are 7 records for each student because they take 7 classes. Not all the courses count towards completing an Audit. The fields are their ID information and course numbers and their grades. Each Semester, I create a new relationship to add the new Semester Table. From these massive Tables, I need to pull only courses that meet the needs of each student's course of study. There are 24 different choices for the students each with unique audits. I created 24 unique Audit Layouts. I need data to go into the aduits.
  8. I am trying to pull only the courses needed for an Audit form. All the students grades are in the Courses file not just the needed courses. The file is given to me. I only need certain courses from the file. I need a calculation to pull only those courses. Does any one have a file that they only need certain data from and for it to appear on audit form?
  9. You are correct because that is how the Courses table is set up. My end result is I need the data to eventually go to 24 different Audit forms depending on the students course of studies. The Audit form is used to see if a student has completed the courses necessary for their choice of study. I am having the data go into the Audit table and the 24 different Audit forms pull from it. If I have the data pulled from the Courses table, what do I put on the Audit forms? For example on the Audit form: Course Number Status Biology 1356: "Completed" English 1021: "Needed" Don't I need a calculation to get the letter grade from the corresponding courses in the Courses table to come over as "Completed" to the Audit pages?
  10. Thank you! :waytogo:
  11. I have the three tables related. The Grade comes in with a course number and a grade on the Course Table relating to the Student ID table and the Audit Table. I need the calculation to read the grade and record "Completed" to the Audit Table from the Course table. What is the calculation used in the Audit table to pull the data from the Course table into each unique field for the courses. I am trying to create a version to send to this forum.
  12. I am not writing it like either way(CRSNUM or CRSNUM2) beacuse each calculation is needed in the seperate fields so, I have a calculation listed one per field not several like below in a field. Is Case only to be used for a list with in a field? Case( HCOURSE1::CRSNUM = "2903"; "Completed"; HCOURSE1::CRSNUM = "2901"; "Completed"; HCOURSE1::CRSNUM = "2906"; "Completed"; "") I have a field for 2903 with a calculation: Case( HCOURSE1::CRSNUM = "2903"; "Completed"; "") I have another field 2901 with a calculation: Case( HCOURSE1::CRSNUM = "2901"; "Completed"; "") I continue this for each of the courses. The result "Completed" needs to appear in their own field for each course.
  13. do admin script/stuff What is this??? Do I type this in the script too?
  14. If there are others besides Admin that have access will the script look like: If [Get (PrivilegeSetName) <> "Admin" ; "Principal" ; "Teacher"] Show Dialog (You must be logged in as Admin to access this feature.") Else do admin script/stuff End If
  15. Thank you! I will try it. The buttons are on a "Gateway" to the files so they are not in yet.
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