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  1. Thank for you reply. Sorry for my question but I feel it is pretty concrete. I have a table called gifts with 3 fields: kind - offer - count Kind and offer may have value from a list the kind list is "house car plane tricycle" the offer list is "pay win lease" I wish to automatically calculate the value of count once selected both kind and offer. Count should be the number of records having the same value of kind and offer. I have tried to achieve so all the afternoon yesterday but even if this it seems to me a very simple thing I cannot figure out how to make it work. Thanks everyone for helping solving my issue.
  2. Hello everyone. How can I set the calculated value of field C to the number of records having field A equal to the value inserted to field A and field B equal to the value inserted to field B? For instance with the following situation record 1 => A = "house", B = "pay" record 2 => A = "house", B = "win" record 3 => A = "car", B = "pay" record 4 => A = "house", B = "pay" when I create a new record having A = "house", B = "pay" C should automatically be 2 (since record 1 and 4 have the same A, B. Thanks
  3. Because I totally don't like FM (but I'm forced to use it from time to time - hopefully always less) so I don't want to spend money on upgrading.
  4. Thanks LaRetta for your reply. Yes I'm still on version 9 and I don't plan to update anytime soon. I have to do simple stuff so I feel checkboxes are fine for now and I'm almost there The only missing thing is the ability to allow user to input a value in a field according to the checked boxes. For instance I have a field called MagazineIssue and I want user may input values only if the Magazine box is checked. Is this possible? Thanks again.
  5. Hi everyone. I have a field called documents rendered as checkboxes (values are taken from a value list). Now I need to perform some calculation (basically to set the value of an other field) according to the checked values (number and values themselves). Which function should I use to get the list of checked values? For instance in the situation below: [ ] Book [ ] Magazine [ X ] Journal [ X ] Diary [ ] Paper I wish to get 2 and to get Journal and Diary. Thanks.
  6. That works. Regarding the structure, currently I don't need to keep track of specific data for each department, e.g. date since the system is used by a specific department so, for now (to keep things simple) I don't see the need to introduce a join table. In the future perhaps this requirement will emerge and I will address it. Thanks by the way to point it out. Since you have been so helpful, is there a (simple) way to remove a value from the list once selected? In this way I can make sure the same department is not selected twice. Have a great day.
  7. Because the system may be used by 3 departments so in that case I want to select the 3 departments where it is in use and later on, when I select the Owner I want to make sure that the owner belongs to 1 of the selected departments. For instance let us say I have the following data DEPARTMENT Production Quality Control Warehouse OWNER Mark - Production John - Production Alice - Quality Control Bob - Warehouse And I have the Autoclave X used by Production and Quality Control so when I create a record for Autoclave X I select Production and Quality Control as departments. Now I want to make sure (and also providing a good user experience) that the Owners menu shows only Mark, John and Alice and does not include Bob. Is this clear enough now because otherwise I'm not sure I'm able to explain it further. Thanks
  8. Hi Comment and thanks for your reply. Probably I wasn't clear enough (my bad) but a system can have ONLY 1 owner (an owner can own multiple systems) and to select the owner I wish to filter all the owners by the selected department(s). The relation I have between Department and Owner is quite simple as shown below And here my layout. If I select only 1 department the filter works fine. However, If I select more than 1 department instead of displaying all the possible owners I see only the ones related to the latest selection as below. Hope now the situation is more clear. Thanks and have a nice day.
  9. Hello everyone. I'm coming back to FM after few years I haven't used it so I'm a bit rusty. I have the 3 tables below: System Department Owner Department and Owner have a relation on the name so I have a conditional value list that allows me to filter the possible owners of a system based on the selected department. Now a system can be used in more departments so the System table I have updated the DepartmentName field to accept multiple repetitions (3) and I have updated the layout accordingly to show repetition 1 through 3. Unfortunately now the conditional value list doesn't work. I would like to display in the list all the owners related to the selected departments. For instance, supposing I have the following relationships Departement1 ==> OwnerA Departement1 ==> OwnerB Departement2 ==> OwnerC Departement3 ==> OwnerD When I select as department Department1 and Department3, the list should contain OwnerA OwnerB OwnerD How can I achieve so? Thanks and have a nice day.
  10. Hello everyone. I have just noticed that if I point my browser to https://.../SuperContainer/ I can access the page below. SuperContainer version 2.25 To view the documentation, go to http://www.360works....umentation.html. Purchase a license or access the online documentation at http://www.360works.com/supercontainer. Enter or edit your activation key on the SuperContainer Registration Page. Start uploading files at Files/my/custom/file/path and even worst I can enter or edit the activation key. How can I protect the access to those pages? I tried to set the following parameters <param-name>simpleAuthUsername</param-name> <param-name>simpleAuthPassword</param-name> but it didn't make any difference. As you may see above I'm using version 2.25 with FMS9A. Thanks. Sig
  11. Hello guys, Is it possible to use within a script the date a file has been loaded through SuperContainer? I have a table with a date field and each record has a file (loaded through SC) and I need to check if the date are the same or not. Thanks and have a nice day.
  12. @bcooney: I misunderstood what you suggest. With LaRetta explanation now it is clear. Anyway since the database is already done (and I don't have too much time to upgrade it) I prefer to keep everything into a single table and, I guess, I just found the way to solve my issue (why I haven't thought about that earlier on?). I have set a self-relationship on document table on code = code version < version In this way for each document I get the previous versions. Thanks again for your help.
  13. if it is easier I could make it but I don't like data redundancy so I prefer trying to solve it using a self-relationship. Is it possible? Thanks
  14. Hello guys, I have a table called documents. each document has a code and a version. I have a layout where I need to display the document evolution: basically some data for each previous version of the same document. I have created a relationship between documents and documents (this instance is called documentsByCode) and I have tried different way to set the relationship up but no one works so far. Any ideas about how I have to set the relationship up in order to display for each document its history? Thanks and have a nice day
  15. got it. thanks again for your help. Thanks also for the popup tip, I can't use popup (since I work exclusively with IWP) but I got the idea. Have a good evening.
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