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  1. Hi All and sorry for any confusion! LaRetta got me right. I had changed the pwd on the "admin" account in both the db files and it was as a consequence of this that the server side scheduled script stopped working. It stopped working because the pwd in the field LaRetta pointed me to no longer matched the FMP User Account pwds. Regards, Patrick
  2. LaRetta, that's the answer. Thank you! Just to clarify for anyone else with this issue: I selected the Scheduled Script in FMP Server then chose to Edit the selected script option. The option to change the usr/pwd is right there in the first panel. Thanks to all three of you for your help on this!
  3. Thanks Steven. -All Accounts/PWDs match, including case. -Not using "Change Password" or "Reset Account Password" script steps -You ask: "What Account did you tell FileMaker Server to use to run the script?" I suspect this is the problem. Where do I set this preference? -The script is a nightly maintenance script that archives off old records and creates certain new ones as required. It did have to be a scheduled script. Regards, Patrick
  4. IdealData, Thanks for the offer of further help. Unfortunately I don't have permission to post the scripts. They're pretty standard stuff however. P
  5. There are two files - Interface and Data. They have exactly matching user/pwd accounts. I inherited this system, so am not sure why "admin" is lower-case. I have another full-access account I use instead of admin, but unfortunately FMP Server seems to be both using the admin account and staying stuck on the old password. Thanks for the reply. Any other thoughts?
  6. Hi, I have a nightly scheduled script running on a Mac FMP 9 Server. There is no External Authentication set up. In FMP's Accounts & Privileges there is an account, "admin", that I need to change the password for. The problem: every time I change this password, the nightly script throws this error in the Logs and Email notifications: -authentication failed on database "XYZ.fp7" using "admin". Any idea how to stop this so I can change the password? Many thanks, Pat
  7. comment, it's a small tip, it's really obvious - duh! - and you've just done me a big favor... many thanks! p
  8. Hi, I recently copied a technique for incorporating GUI elements from a database I inherited that seemed cool but now I'm not so sure. The Technique: in a table called Preferences there is a container field with repeating values. Each repetition contains a GUI element (e.g. an arrow, a check mark, a delete symbol etc.) The Preferences table is then related to another table via a 'X' (Certesian) join using a gConstant field in the Preferences table and using the ID in the other table. To use the element on a layout I drag on the container field, choose the repetition number and,
  9. Interesting points Stephen. I suppose if you're moving to SO then the idea is to be more purist (read SQL-esque) and avoid some of the useful stuff in FMP. Not my intention!
  10. So if you need to get the data back out of a container field as a file on disk, do you use a script instead of export?
  11. Hi, I have a solution built on a two-file separation model where the user wants to store the images as non-referenced images inside the FMP 9 data file. There will be thousands, then tens of thousands of these images, over time. They're not high-res but will average around 100-300k a piece. My question - which I'm sure has been asked before but which I can't find, sorry - is, will this slow down, make unstable or have any other negative effect on the database? Anyone got any experience of this? The solution will be initially hosted on FMP 9 client for testing then will move to S
  12. Thanks comment! I changed the script attached to the + button and removed the allow add records relationship and now it works great.
  13. Hi, I'm guessing there is an easy answer to this but I can't find it. I have a delete button on a portal row. The button is to the right of each row and looks just fine. However, there appears to be an empty portal row generated at the bottom of my portal and the graphic is also appearing there, as in: Does anyone know how to get rid of this phantom graphic? Many thanks, Pat
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