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  1. 10 separate files all updated to filemaker vs. 15
  2. Over the past ten years our organization have been using a PO database solution to store all purchasing information. Each year the layout would change to illustrate which year it represents. We would like to merge each of these databases into one for better searching capabilities. Is there an easy way to accomplish this task while still maintaining data integrity? Thank you!
  3. In order to automatically update and display the date and period fields, I created a simple script that when selected makes the necessary changes. It's a workaround, but will work for the moment. One last question, is it possible to show a "0" zero in front of period numbers 0 through 9 in the period field?
  4. Hello again! Thank you for your help in getting this project off the ground. I wanted to report that a good portion of the database is up and running with a few additional tweaks still needed. The calculations you supplied me are working out fine, however we are trying to automate the process? If after a new record has been generated the user was to change the contents of a field, is it possible to change the contents of another field automatically? For instance, if the date changes from 12/2/14 to 2/2/14 is there a way to change the PERIOD field to a 1 by simply tabbing out of the field?
  5. We created a simple purchasing database that contains a DATE field and a PERIOD field. Whenever a new record has been generated, we would like a specified period number to appear in the PERIOD field. For instance if today's date is 11/3/14, the PERIOD field would show the number 10. If however the date field was changed to a date in December, this number would change to Period 11 and so on. This would also hold true if the number in the period field was ever changed. In this case the date would then change to correspond to a specific period number. For instance, if the period number was change
  6. Thanks for the quick reply. Would you by any chance have any examples of script triggers you are referring too?
  7. We are currently running Filemaker Server vs. 11 with about 20 clients. The server is currently hosting a Purchasing Database where we are trying to determine the best method for altering a data field when the user specifies a specific date range, creates a new record or duplicates a specific record. For an example, if the user selects a date in the range between 2/1 - 2/28, a corresponding fiscal period number would appear in the PERIOD field. This would also be true if the user changed the PERIOD number, the date field would then change to indicate the beginning date of each corresponding mo
  8. When the user request a new record, the release to printer field should display the date 10 days after the date of record creation. See attached file. Project_Tracker2.fp7.zip
  9. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong. The calculation changes have been made but on the creation of a new record todays date still appears. Could you apply the changes to the file you sent earlier? Maybe my mistake is in the coding.
  10. I have it setup exactly as you stated. The field release date has both the autoenter of the creation date as well as the calculation. When a new record is created the release date is showing todays date (9/4). It's not adding the additional 10 days to the release date field. On the creation of a new record, the release date should indicate a date of 9/14.
  11. Thanks again for your help on this project. It seems every time a problem is solved, another request is being made. On the creation of a new record, is there a way to auto-enter a date into the release date field while also increasing it by an additional 10 days on record creation given the added calculation?
  12. Thanks for all your help in interpreting my bad english. Everything appears to be working with one exception. Based on your example the owner would like to have the ability to manually change the due date and have the release date reflect an earlier time frame. Looking at your calculation, is this something that can be easily added?
  13. The date field is auto-entered whenever a new record is created, however it changes when the user selects a different item from the drop down list. 00/00/0008 was only used to illustrate that a date field was used.
  14. Pull Down Menu 1 (field 1): - One week - Two weeks Pull Down Menu 2 (field 2): - UPS - Fedex Field 3 (date) - 00/00/2008 User selects from field 1 (ship date) and his/her method of shipping from field 2 (shipping method) a date is generated and placed within field 3 (arrival date). Hope this helps.
  15. Global storage is not selected. No Indexing.
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