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  1. for some reason my portal field has stopped showing the scroll bar and will not create new records, but alters the last record, effectively wiping it out. This is hell on the billing, since these are essentially purchase orders. I have scroll checked in the portal layout box, but no joy. When I invoke the inspector, the appearance and position tabs work fine, but EVERYTHING in the data tab is grayed out and I cannot check the scoll bar function there, or any other box. Adding to the mystery, when I duplicated the layout and replaced the portal with a new one, the scoll bar reappears, but as so
  2. Which is precisely my problem: the page expands to the size of my monitor in list view, making the resize control useless.
  3. using fmpro11/mac I've set up a yes/no number field for active/inactive clients. I use a booleanvaluelist of "1" and "0". I use radio buttons and want the values to show as "Yes" and "No", but they only show 1 and 0. the values will reflect the yes and no in other box formats, (edit, drop down, popup) but not checkbox or radio buttons. why not. ps every time i come back to this forum, it's reorganized and more difficult to find where to post anything. "Schema and business logic" you're kidding, right ... guess not. I put this here because it involves a value list but it's about the i
  4. I have a loop that works! (MYFIRST!EVER!) (see screenshot). What I hope would be possible is to avoid making duplicates. I have a unique control number (AID+CID) for each record of the link table (linking customers (CID), ads (AID) and the issues the ads appear in (IssueID). this table generates printing text as well as billing and payment records. i cannot figure how how to tell FM to skip making a new record if the control number already exists and go on to the next until the loop is exhausted. the called script copies a customer's ID and the ad ID (from the ad table that already
  5. It never fails: 30 seconds after I posted this question, I figured out the answer. I had the relationship structured wrong. Two clicks and everything's working fine. f Thanks for your swift reply. I'll have more questions later, no doubt. Jay
  6. On the enclosed table of newspaper issues (twice a month, 22 times a year), I need to pick out the next issue number based on today's date. I can get the date to return, but I can't figure out how to get the issue number of that particular date into other calculations throughout the db (invoices, running ads again, etc.) I think I am missing a relationship configuration, but it continues to elude me. Any help will be appreciated. The relevant file is Issues, but you can see how I'm trying to use it in the Classified section where I want to include an ad in the next issue via button/script
  7. I want to know the publication date of issue number 236. jay
  8. Sorry for the delay. I define no_end as no_current_issue+21 (in issueabsolute). then I want to use that result (say, "236", to find the date of issue 236. And your English is better than my Filemaker ... : Jay
  9. This is driving me berserk and I know it's simple. But I don't get it. I'm including my db. I need to get the reminder, end and grace dates. I got the numbers. But for some reason, I can't do the date lookups/calculations/what the ((&*T&*^*.) Any help would be truly appreciated Jay Gamel issueNumbers.zip
  10. I have FMP6 on a mac and neither the header nor the footer show in table view. Is there any other way to have a button in table view?
  11. Thanks, that's pretty much exactly what I did. I was just thinking there was an easier way than creating a "today" field to use to compare to "issue date" to come up with what I want. essentially, I want: where today greater than the last issue date and lower than the next issue date, return next issue date is that doable? without having to create a "today" field?
  12. I need a formula that will find the next higher date on a list from today and return it to a field in a separate table. Table 1=Publication dates, table 2=Subscribers with start issue date. this will let me calculate when reminder letters go out and when to stop mailing. I've generated a today field the P table and can find current issue through a very clunky lookup process, but I think there's something a lot better out there. Any help appreciated.
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