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  1. Yikes, this is already beyond me. I've done plenty of relational databases but I'm not sure I understand the variable part. Also, how do I break the owners list into separate owners? I was thinking it would be done using text functions like left and right and such... I may need to go back to FileMaker School just to follow your very likely brilliant advice.
  2. Hello FileMaker Wizards, I'm helping a car club with a task that either is beyond me or may be impossible given the structure of their poorly designed database. To ultra-simplify, I've exported all of three fields which are all we need to accomplish the task...here goes. Every car has a 4 digit serial number, a current owner, and a list of past owners. All we want to do is generate a list, sorted by owner's name, showing all the cars they own or have owned in the past. If they currently own a car, it's serial would show as bold. That's all! It should look like this (fake data):
  3. That's for the advice! Two EXCELLENT suggestions: Setting a new field to show a calculation works like a champ. I think this is my fix! The tooltip works pretty well too...is there any way to control how LONG you have to hover before the tooltip pops? Thank you both! DM
  4. Hello everyone. Pretty sure you guys are going to tell me to rework some things here but I've got a seemingly simple question. I have a database which has a layout that's view only, I don't want the user to modify the data. In any case, one of the fields is a description text field and on some of the records, the text is larger than can fit on the view of this layout. Normally, if you click a field, it will show the scroll bars to allow you to view all the text but because we are not allowing entry to the field, clicking has no effect. Is there any solution, short of making the descriptio
  5. Thank you for your reply. I honestly don't recall why I made it a global all those years ago when I made the database. Is there a way to make a standard field behave like a global? So what happens in the Incriminator database table is it basically counts up 18 records (lines on the deposit ticket), then it ads one to my global field. That's all it does. However if the ticket number were not a global, I don't know how to keep it consistent among the 18 records. Again, thank you (and anyone who cares to offer advice) for your time.
  6. Hello FMP Wizards, A few weeks ago, I had to switch to FMP 14 Server. Prior to that our little group was able to get by with hosting on one Mac but we had too many times when someone had to leave FMP so another person could get in. Anyway the transition was very smooth for all but one of my databases. I have one task that only I do. It's accounting related and I use three external files to do it. One is a deposit ticket, one is a table of the ticket lines and one I call "Incrimentor" which simply counts up the lines of the ticket and increments a global field when one of the tickets is fu
  7. I had to figure this out...so I did! Understand, my AppleScript is nonexistent. I did some searches to come up with this... (The AppleScript is clipped so here it is:) tell application "Finder" get bounds of window of desktop set the clipboard to result as text end tell
  8. Thanks for the reply. I'll update my profile because I'm running 11 now. In any case, My layouts all work fine on small screens, the problem is the location of the windows. I have an open script which positions the window. At present, on 13, 15 and 17" screens it positions the windows either off the screen or very close to it. I'm wondering if there is a way to find the screen size and using that info change where the window is positioned on the screen. I'm using a "Move/Resize Window" command to do it now. Maybe embedding it in an If/then would allow me to have a small screen/big screen posit
  9. Thanks for moving the thread and the link. I looked at the PDF and didn't find any instructions telling me how to effectively merge multi-file databases into one...is this possible?
  10. Hello, My Mac has a huge 27" display. When I made my database, I made use of all the screen real estate I had and I've got scripts which open and size all the files which makeup my database (about 8 or 9 files pop open when I open the "main" file) In any case I've now got a few users sharing the database with me but some are using Laptops which have small screens. As a result, some windows open off the display area of the laptop! Very odd. Is there any way to set the coordinates differently depending on which screen the user happens to be using when opening the file? Bonus 2nd questi
  11. Hello, I started my current "database" years ago. Way before FileMaker could have multiple files in one file. Anyway, all of a sudden I'm jealous of the current organization and I can't help but wonder - is there a way to combine multiple database files in one? At present about 8 or 9 files make up my database. I'd love to combine them into one with multiple tables. Most are already related but some are not. Any advice? Thank you
  12. Hello, For a few years I've had a great contacts database I made in FileMaker. Contacts where one of several types but the most special type was customers. Customers were assigned a number "Customer Number". Since there were a few types of records, I could not make customer number an auto-entered number, rather I had a Global field with a number in it. When a contact became a customer, I clicked a button which would copy this Global number, paste it into the Customer number field and then increment the global number by one. It worked for years. But now it's broken, and I think I k
  13. OMG! I think I'm going to have to award myself the idiot of the week award. That seems to have solved it! Thanks!
  14. Thanks for your help, I just tried that and It puts all the text into one field - a different problem than before. I realize that the carriage return separates records, that is exactly what I want it to do...and it is seeing each record correctly. The problem is that the text in that record should all be poured into one field, FMP is putting it into hundreds of fields for some unknown reason. Many are incredibly short, like 2 or three characters.
  15. Hello, First post, great resource! Glad I found it... I'm having a problem, I'm trying to import some text into a virgin database for further analysis. I'll save the hard stuff for later. For now all I want to do is import a block of text into a field. Sounds easy right...FileMaker seems to break it into 175+ different fields on import. I can likely make some calc to add filed one to field two and such but I'd just like to import it clean. The file is a regular text file, exported from Quark. It has a long paragraph of text followed by a carriage return followed by a long paragraph o
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