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  1. I need to be able to copy an entire record from one file maker data base to another or somehow easily flag certain records without creating new data fields. Someone please help./ thanks so much
  2. well i want to be able to copy and paste an email address and be able to find it that way. it defeats the purpose if i have to type in the entire address each time i want to search for an email address. isnt there some way to format the field so it knows im searching for an email address?
  3. Whenever I try to search for an email address and put in the full email address with the @ symbol it comes up with no records found. when i do a search in the same email field of everything before the @ symbol it finds the record. Why cant i search for full email addresses in this field? how do i fix it . please help thanks so much.
  4. you are great finally someone on here gives the exact answer i was looking for!! thank you for understanding me! your the best! :(
  5. you are a genius. thanks so much! this was simple and it worked.
  6. i dont want to actual print anything. that will already be done. i just want to uncheck all the check boxes for "to print" can you please bold or italic all the things i need to change . and let me know please. this is very confusing to me. is there a way to copy and paste this script into fm? how do i do that?
  7. that does not work. first of all where do i enter this code? there is no where i can just paste this code? i dont know what you mean about paragraphs? Is there a more simple code that makes sense to people who dont do basic programming. I goto scripts then i goto manage scripts then i get a screen of the scripts i click new script and i get a window with a side panel of all these functions i can double click on. it does not allow me to paste the text anywhere? also to me it would make more sense if the code made sense to me like If checkbox is checked then clear check box. end if. and i
  8. could someone please give me the code to write a script that will uncheck a certain check box. i have a check box called "to print" I select this so I know I need to print that record, but after I have printed I have to go back and manual click on all the check boxes i had already printed. Is there a way i can find all the checked "to print" check boxes and deselect them all at once? please be specific step by step i have no idea what i am doing. i know how to click find and then select the to print check box and it brings up all the records where to print is checked. hope this all makes
  9. Someone please help me. I have no idea about programming. I have no idea how to use this plugin. I have the plugin installed and loaded. What do i do next? I want to send an email gathering all the email addresses in the found set. I want all those addresses to be put in the bcc field. I also want to include an inline image in the email. How do i do this . what code would i use? this is so confusing! Will it use my thunderbird to send the email. Where do i enter the body of the email? please i am a beginner when it comes to this plugin. I have no idea where to start. please give me
  10. Thank you this was a bit general but because im so smart i figured it out! : this tutorial doesnt tell you how to set up port forwarding using your router. for anyone else with this problem. your router has an ip address and your computer has a private ip address. your router is the external ip address, the address you use to accesss your router from outside your local network. so you enter in the external address with the port number. then you go into your router and put in your private ip and forward that to the correct port number 591. that way when your out of your local network you type
  11. Thanks, but i tried that and it doesnt work. The directions they give are wrong and very generic.
  12. I have file maker pro 10. I am unable to access IWP from outside the local network. I have a D-link router DI-624. I called FM and they told me all I need to do is set up port forwarding in my router. But that was all the information they could give me. D-link was no help either. I need to know how to set this up properly. Does anyone have a D-link router and has set up their virtual server to work with FM PRO 10? IWP is turned on in FM.
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