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  1. Thanks for those two ideas. Its just a personal projects database, but it resorts when I change views, so showing a dialog would help me work out which trigger script is causing the actions, as there are about 12 scripts in that area and I don't have the time to pick them all apart. And I gathered there is likely a script step such as exit that would disable it from the start. I'm surprised there aren't check boxes or right-click options to temporarily suspend scripts, but there's likely a solid reason for that.
  2. I know you can disable script steps but is there any way you can disable an entire script? I have some templated solutions that came with FM and just want to turn some off until I have the time to modify them to my needs.
  3. I'm testing the interactive content container and am finding that the video autoplay is unreliable (in my trials at least). I've checked 'Start playback automatically' in inspector but its hit and miss whether it works or not, but mostly not. Any ideas? Is there also a keyboard shortcut to run a video as spacebar doesn't work? I'm using FMPro 15.
  4. OK - I've not created a loop before. Got it working now so thanks. I think Kiosk mode is only in Advanced? I just have the pro version and can't find any support info for that function.
  5. I'm hoping to create a basic slideshow database that displays images of paintings and basic text data beside it such as title, author, dimensions etc. There will be about 150 images and I just want to import the text data from a spreadsheet and match the images via a unique filename as the match import ID from the spreadsheet. I'm using FMPro 15 and will use the Content Management example file that came with the app installation as that's loosely the look I want. How do I create a 'run slideshow' script that loops through all the records with a time pause of say 5 secs for each record?
  6. For anyone with this issue: If you create a relationship portal an insert fields (related to the table in relationship) and it is not visible when you go to Browse view, and the match key is set, then you haven't checked create new relationship records. After you create the Relationship double click the little square in the middle of the Relationship link and ensure that "Allow creation of records in the table via this relationship" is checked, then the fields become visible. Its easy to forget if you only create relationships every now and again.
  7. I've just downloaded and run FMPro 15 extensively for half a day and no issues so far. No lag on dropdowns as stated.
  8. Thanks - I've just found multiple references from various sources confirming FMPRo 15 is compatible even though the primary Claris table doesn't list High Sierra next to v15 but this one is clearer. https://community.claris.com/en/s/news/a3r0H000000oF73QAE/filemaker-platform-compatibility-with-macos-high-sierra
  9. I'm retired and ran FileMaker 12 on Sierra with no issues, however when I upgraded my SSD it will only run on High Sierra. FMPro 12 is unstable and crashes on many change functions. I don't have the funds to get the latest version but what is the earliest stable version for High Sierra? From this link it seems to be FMPro 15. Can someone still using (or can remember using) High Sierra confirm this is stable? https://support.claris.com/s/article/FileMaker-Platform-and-macOS-High-Sierra?language=en_US
  10. That was the issue! Thanks. Driving me nuts trying to work out what was going on. Thanks for your assistance.
  11. I'm using FM 12 after most of my databases were created in FM 11 and I had to upgrade for Yosemite (yes I'm old school), but I can't get finds to work as I want them to. If I create a simple find script such as; Go to Layout Enter Find Mode [pause] --- to manually enter search terms Perform Find Go to Layout.. What happens is that when I type in the search string and hit the Enter or Return keys, nothing happens. The blue Continue button is there but not responding to the keyboard. A similar thing happens when I search on a multifield page - the Enter key just tab
  12. I'm using FileMaker 12 but want to get a version that syncs via free iCloud or Dropbox type service (you can only do it manually in FM12). What is the earliest version that does this? Its for personal use and I don't have much money so I just want to get a cheap older version of FM but want it to sync across all my devices.
  13. Using FMPro up to version 11 I used to hit enter or return to trigger execute find, but using the templated databases that come with FMP 12 I find hitting enter or return just tabs to the next field. How do I revert this to older version of Find triggers as described?
  14. That worked - thanks. I found the script to insert it into so my question is solved.
  15. I have a template database that when you click on a summary record it goes to the main record view. However, if I create a new record it will switch layouts but not have set cursor in the first field, so I have to do that manually before typing which is annoying. I'm guessing I need a layout/window triggered script(?) that will work with command-n or when it switches from summary layout and what is the insert cursor in the field script step?
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