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  1. That was the issue! Thanks. Driving me nuts trying to work out what was going on. Thanks for your assistance.
  2. I'm using FM 12 after most of my databases were created in FM 11 and I had to upgrade for Yosemite (yes I'm old school), but I can't get finds to work as I want them to. If I create a simple find script such as; Go to Layout Enter Find Mode [pause] --- to manually enter search terms Perform Find Go to Layout.. What happens is that when I type in the search string and hit the Enter or Return keys, nothing happens. The blue Continue button is there but not responding to the keyboard. A similar thing happens when I search on a multifield page - the Enter key just tabs to the next field where it used to trigger the search in FM 11. Can someone enlighten me as to what is going on here?
  3. I'm using FileMaker 12 but want to get a version that syncs via free iCloud or Dropbox type service (you can only do it manually in FM12). What is the earliest version that does this? Its for personal use and I don't have much money so I just want to get a cheap older version of FM but want it to sync across all my devices.
  4. Using FMPro up to version 11 I used to hit enter or return to trigger execute find, but using the templated databases that come with FMP 12 I find hitting enter or return just tabs to the next field. How do I revert this to older version of Find triggers as described?
  5. That worked - thanks. I found the script to insert it into so my question is solved.
  6. I have a template database that when you click on a summary record it goes to the main record view. However, if I create a new record it will switch layouts but not have set cursor in the first field, so I have to do that manually before typing which is annoying. I'm guessing I need a layout/window triggered script(?) that will work with command-n or when it switches from summary layout and what is the insert cursor in the field script step?
  7. Thanks for the solution. It worked once I spent an hour working out what it did and that I needed to refresh the existing entries Due Date field! I don't use FMP often enough it seems.
  8. Understand, what’s the best way to sort by month year (summarised by month) for the sub-summary to sort and display correctly. I often get muddled with this.
  9. I'm modifying an Expenses DB template that came with my FM12 app (the only app I have) and it does a monthly summary based on Year ( Due Date ) & " " & Month ( Due Date ) The output is Text - which is sorted in the Sub Summary field. The summary view based on sub-summary sort works for 80% of the year but for some reason it goes Jan - Oct - Nov - Dec - Feb then the rest is correct month order. I'm not sure what the glitch is. Is there a better workaround that sorts by date and year, so all of 2016 in correct month order then all of 2017 in correct month order etc?
  10. I tried to import a complete FM12 database into FM Go 16 via Dropbox but it didn't really work. Its an image storage database made for a 20" mac. It contains about 1000 files at 300MB and initially it just didn't transfer so I cut it down to just a few files to see if that was the issue, it transferred but then it wouldn't load anything like the original. It just created its own basic interface and displayed some random non-image text fields. FM Go is a strange beast that's barely documented but can anyone enlighten me as to what's going on here? Are there limitations I'm unaware of?
  11. Ok I've now discovered that FM Pro/Go 14+ will not connect to any host running less than FM 13.
  12. I've just purchased an iPad and wanted to use some databases, but as FileMaker Go is poorly documented its hard to make headway with it. I have the latest iPad and iOS 10. My primary iMac runs Snow Leopard and my laptop Yosemite. I'm running FileMaker 12. If I share files over FileMaker Network Sharing/WiFi from a Mac (not a server) will it only work live if I'm at home connected to my local network? What happens if I leave my local network, update the iPad files and rejoin the network? FMG 15 & 16 say they can work with version FMP 12 files, but whenever I try the Host connection option to locate files on either Mac it says "The host does not support this version of FileMaker". This option works OK on FMG 14, but is a bit buggy as the app crashes whenever I hit enter. If I go for the manual import to iPad path, there is a manual script I can build to connect between iOS and Mac desktop, but how do I know how to build a path to MacDevice/MacHD/user/filepath as I've not done anything 'FMP over the network' before. Sorry for many questions but its taken hours just to get to this point.
  13. Thanks for that - I knew it was a bit rough so this is what I was looking for. I'm not working blind so I still manually check for errors.
  14. I've imported some data from various banking accounts for monitoring (just my accounts), but somehow over time some date-entries have been omitted. As I have commented on a lot I don't want to redo a raw import but identify what's missing. So I have a commented database that has date, debit and credit fields. I also have raw output (from online banking) databases that have the same fields. At the moment I've created 'missing data' database to import into that has a calculation field that adds together date&debit&credit fields that outputs as a number. Then I omit duplicates. It sort of works so far. Is there a more elegant/accurate way of doing this?
  15. I have about 100 databases in a folder that are referenced from external files. If I want to change the folder name or change its location, is there any way I can bulk update the file path under 'Manage External Data Sources'?
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