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  1. I think you make a good point. furthermore, I ran another test using a JPG and putting a few fields over top of it. They held their postion just fine. Unfortunately, if you have to create a JPG out of your text fields in order to keep evrything aligned in a document, you have created a much larger file.
  2. That was very interesting! You are right, the text changed. Using a 1" grid this is what I found. Top text box: Top of the text is where it should be. The las line of text has shrunk upward. The left edge of text is where it should be but the right edge has shrunk up and isn't quite as far right as it should be. Bottom Text box. Top and left side s of text where they should be bottom has shrunk actually grown slightly larger than it should be and the right edge has shrunk more than the text in the upper box.
  3. I did the printout just as you asked. Aligned both the horizontal and vertical line on both samples. Selected letter from the print set up before aligning and from the properties tab once I went to print mode. Top sample: Vertical line printed a hair to the right like your sample. Horizontal line printed about 1/4" too low. Bottom sample: Vertical line printed about 1/4" to the right Horizontal line printed slightly above where it was lined up (1/64"?)
  4. Sorry, our internet was just down for about 3 hours. To answer your questions, I do have Arial in my list and I have selected all text to specify font and size.
  5. No good there either. I just selected all text, changed to a menu size of 12 point, realigned fields and printed. Screwed up as ever!
  6. OK, maybe we are getting somewhere. The text was created and or pasted into Filemaker but I needed to use an 11 point font which is not in the menu selection. I therefore used the font size up/down button to select 10 point and then moved it up one notch to get 11. Maybe the size not showing up is what is causing a rendering problem. I am surprised that you open the file I sent and see the fields misaligned. My system shows them in perfect alignment,. This leads me to believe there could be a screen font issue. Iven checked my screen settings. It is set for True Color 1024 X 768 but I don't th
  7. Sorry, forgot to attach sample_file.zip
  8. I do specify the printer. I am using a Dell P1500 and/or P1600 and I got the same results on both. If you look at the file I'm attaching, it has page margins wider than the text block and the overlay data fields are lined up where they should be on the form. I have printed this on both the printers listed above as well as printing to a PDF. Ihn all cases it comes out the same. Date is 1 line low, Couty and tax ID are 2 lines low, etc. I am really surprised you are printing fine with this file.
  9. Is there a way to set the space occupied by the merge field to a specific size? I ask this since I am re-creating legal forms that have a specific look. If I can't specify the width of the merge field, then I can't be sure how the text will break on each line if the data in the merge field is say 5 characters one time and then 20 characters the next?
  10. I tried reducing the width of the text box as you suggested. I even reduced my layout margins to .25 and set my text box up to be at least a 1/4" inside those margins. I'm still getting the alignment problem whether I print or create PDF. Now I'm really puzzled. I had hopes your method would work. Like you said I'm running XP so I can't imagine what the difference is. What is your layout margins and what width did you set the text box to be? See my attached PDF. Copy_of_Property_File.pdf
  11. I would agree with the last posts but 1. the text is being highlighted and then the font applied within filemaker. 2. As far as margins go, This will happen when I set the margins to .5 which any printer will accept. It also happens when I put the data fields over top of a scanned JPG of the same document and then lock it to the layout
  12. Got it, thanks for the pointer Copy_of_Property_File.fp5.zip
  13. Attached is one page of a Real Estate Contract I am putting together. When you open it in Layout mode, you will see the data fields moved to accomodate the printing problem instead of aligned where they should be on the layou. I get the same problem if I am using a JPEG scan of the document and laying data fields on top, that is why I took the time to convert the document to text using OCR software, hoping it would eliminate the issue. Unfortunately it won't let me attach an fp6 ext so I converted it to a PDF and changed the data fields to red text to make it easy to distinguish. If I have an
  14. I do have it set up for a seperate data entry and print. That's a good question on the PDF. As you probably know, when you change zoom levels you normally see a difference in line breaks on text. I have never tried to print to PDF but I just did and it definitely is what I see coming from my printer but not what is on my screen.
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