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  1. You're a genius! Thanks so much. I *knew* there must be a more elegant way of doing it. :laugh:
  2. Hi - part of my database is dealing with input of clinical measurements of vision, specifically lens powers (I'm an optometrist). The units of lens strength are by convention in 0.25 steps, so lens power goes +0.25, +0.50, +0.75, etc (or the same in minus values). General practise in clinical work is to shorthand these when entering, as (for example) +050, +100, -250, etc. Actual powers are very rarely above +/-20.00, so we would know to read them as +0.50, +1.00, -2.50, etc (rather than +50.00, +100.00, -250.00, etc). My problem - I need to set up the data entry so that users ente
  3. This one's got me stumped. I have a script that sends a print command to print 3 copies of a letter. If it goes to my Epson C1100, 3 copies come out. But if I change the print dialogue to direct it to my FujiXerox Docuprint 203A, only one copy is printed. If I take a different program and send a command to the Docuprint to print 3 copies of a document, 3 copies come out. So the problem's only showing up in FMP. I've reinstalled the Docuprint driver, making sure it's the latest. FMP updater says my FMP is up to date. Any ideas?
  4. Although... wait a minute - doesn't that just mean that I have another situation of an unstored calculation used as a key field? In which case it wouldn't work, for the same reason my current key field doesn't work? (that is, the calculation needs to be stored to work, so the date changing doesn't update it) Sorry, not near my work computer now to try it out.
  5. Both great ideas - I'll give it some thought - thanks.
  6. Sorry for the late response - I hadn't clicked 'subscribe', so didn't realise anyone had replied. I might have been a bit misleading with the term 'history' - in medical terms, it is what the patient is telling us at the beginning of the consultation, before we start doing tests etc. So it's not a portal back to previous data, it's all new data. (It's historical to the patient, but it's all new stuff for this consultation). So there's no relational structure or portals involved - it's purely a formatting issue. Each bit of information would ideally be put on a new line for clarity. F
  7. Hi folks - I have a medical recall system set up. I have a portal to view the various recalls, with the Recall Status as a key field, so I can filter the portal to just show recalls that are currently due, recalls overdue, etc etc. In order to be able to use the Recall Status as a key field, the calculation has to be stored - fine, since all the fields that make up that calculation are within the one table. The problem is that the status is dependent on the current date (due, overdue, etc), and because the field is stored Get(CurrentDate) part of the calculation doesn't 'refresh'. If
  8. Hi - Is there any way of making the text in a text field show as several columns? The text I'm entering is a medical history - it would be an advantage to have each symptom and main point on a new line, but then to be able to see it all at once I'm having to use a very tall, thin field. It would work a lot better with the layouts if it were a short and wide field, with the field formatted as several columns - a bit like in a word processor you can typically format a text box as having the text in several columns. That way I could see about 20 short lines of info on a field only 5 lines h
  9. Each letter has one addressee and a certain number of copies to other people. So if no people copied in, 1 copy printed. If 4 people copied in, 5 copies need to be printed. The letter has a field that calculates the number of copies to be printed, but it will be different for each individual letter. So I might have 5 letters completed, and I want to print them all, but each letter might have a different number of copies needed, depending on how many people are to receive copies. I don't want to manually enter the number of copies - that's already been calculated in creating the letter, si
  10. Ah, I understand! That is helpful - answers my question about being able to have several different print dialogues, each with different numbers of copies. Since I'm not dealing with large numbers, should be fine to just have 10 dialogues covering 1 copy to 10 copies. Having user input for the number of copies defeats the point - the idea is to have a queue - to be able to print all the finished letters while I go and do something else.
  11. Thanks, but I can't see how. It seems to be about different ways of arranging for FMP to send a series of "print one copy" commands. I have no problem with that side of things - Im using a loop similar to the second poster in the thread. The problem is as the posters say - not being able to send a print command saying "print x number of copies", where x may vary. One thing just occurred to me though - maybe I can save several sets of print dialogue and then use a conditional to activate the appropriate one. I don't think I'm ever going to need more than 10 copies, so it would just mean 10
  12. Well, I'm not sure what the proper technical name would be. To me, "Document" is a general term - perhaps you're thinking of a .doc Word file? I'm printing a letter, text generated in FMP. It's not a 'report' as it's not got a found set. I use "document" because it's a broader, more all-inclusive term than "letter" (which implies an address), but I could avoid the term if it means something else in FMP.
  13. Thanks, I was afraid that would be the answer. It's a shame.
  14. Hi folks. I'm using FMPadv 9. I need to print a group of documents. I need a variable number of copies of each document - for instance it might be 4 copies of doc 1, 2 copies of doc 2, just one copy of doc 3 and a dozen copies of doc 4. So it's kind of a print queue. Is there any way for the print dialogue to be scripted to print a certain number of copies? In the print dialogue (it's an Epson C1100) I can't enter a script variable - it only accepts numbers. As it stands I've been scripting so a loop sends a command to print one copy of doc 1 four times in a row, then one copy of doc
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