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  1. Looking for some guidance on migrating data out of Maximizer, preparing it for import into FMP9. The tab-delimited text files the client supplied have data running all over the place. It has the appearance of repeating fields dumped into succeeding records. Actually much messier than that. Given the situation I will probably be visiting the client soon to see just what's going on and attempt to discover how Maximizer exports its data. I'm hoping I can gain some guidance in advance of that visit. Appreciated.
  2. Is there a technique available to detect the currently active tab on a tab panel? I'm not pleased with my workaround which requires high maintenance — using a global variable to achieve the same thing. What's the recommended technique? Appreciated.
  3. Yes I have, and that's what I meant by the term "type ahead." When I enter the empty field, before I've typed anything, a drop down menu appears with all kinds of records. I was hoping the choice of records to "auto complete" could stay blank until the user typed something. Kind regards,
  4. When using the type ahead feature I'd like the drop down menu to not display at all or if it must display to be blank until the user begins typing in the data entry field. My users find the scroll list of many hundreds of records confusing when nothing has been entered. Is this possible? Kind regards,
  5. Excellent good news. Will be essential for our development model. Appreciated.
  6. Some modern programming environments support concurrent development. That is, two or more programmers access a set of files from a server and work simultaneously to modify the code. I'm not talking about doing development work while end users are active. Is this possible in the current release of FMP? If so, what's involved? Kind regards,
  7. I need to prevent users from assuming the company record they want to create isn't already in the database. An exact match of proposed company name to company name won't cut it. Am I correct the way to do this kind of check is a calc field that tests for common mis-spellings and other common user errors and use that for a match? Or is there a better technique? Much appreciated.
  8. I'm an old hand at FMP6 and before, recently migrated to FMP9. I've yet to figure out the functionality of the X relationship. I'm looking at a file with a TO to a TO, both using the same table, both relating to the same table, same serial ID field. The relationship is X rather than =, ≠, >, <, etc. One of the TOs is used for a portal to a layout using the same table. I've yet to see any documentation of this, for me, strange new-to-me relationship. I'm particularly interested in what functionality this relationship provides to FMP. Are there other uses than a portal into itsel
  9. I'm searching for good icons for creating a link and breaking a link. Here's my criteria. They must be instantly recognizable for what they mean at 15 x 15 pixels size. At that size icons of two chain links broken and whole just don't register well. At least none that I've ever seen. In the past I've used the red circle with a diagonal slash through it as my symbol for omitting records. So conceivably I could use a green empty circle for making a link and a red slashed circle for breaking a link. But then I'd still need an intuitive icon for omitting records. What am I talking about
  10. Am mildly started that the one record portal is still the way to go when hiding objects. And thanks for the Count(portalRelationship::matchfield). Much simpler, and it works. Much appreciation to both of you.
  11. I would like to make a button appear if the current count of records in a portal is more than 1, disappear if 1 or zero. In FMP6 I used the trick of a one record portal that displayed that record if the relationship was satisfied. That solution always felt quite clutzy, but it worked. In FMP9 I can hide the button under certain conditions by making the text and fill of the button match the background. However the button will still flash when that area is clicked. So this solution isn't ideal. Is there a better way? In a related issue, I've worked out a way to obtain the displaye
  12. I'm an old hand at FMP6 but fairly new to FMP9. I'm working from a template of somebody else's work. In order to validate that I am indeed properly logged on with the correct identity and associated FMP privilege set, I create this calc in the same table as controls the layout layout I'll use it in. The calc itself also identifies that same table as the context. "Current Account Name set is " & Get ( AccountName ) & " current Privilege Set is " & Get ( PrivilegeSetName ) When logging in with a user account name and password, I would assume this should return that user
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