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  1. Guys you are all so wonderful Fenton I applied what you told me to do,with the instructions of Lee and it worked like charm. Since Im gonna have a well structured database Im gonna keep it as simple as OpenUrl script step. Thank you so much guys. You are really doing a great job. Paul
  2. thank you for your replies. I have a database of patients, for every patient there is one folder containing his pictures and another for his videos (like surgeries and likewise). I am searching for a way to link every patient i have in FMPro to his folders that i have on my hard disk. I would appreciate any help Paul
  3. Hi all, Is there a way i can link a folder to a container field and not just a file? Thank you very much for your help Paul
  4. Mr Vodka I got the Visibility file from your website. Beautiful!! Thanx
  5. Ralph, thank you very much for your reply I donno why I cant save your attached file. Can you please uploaded again?
  6. Hi guys, I am trying to make a button appear or disappear on a layout based on a calculation. If field "X" is not empty, I want to have a button appear on the layout that allow to execute a script. I defined two fields: 1: Calculation field with If ( not IsEmpty ( Implant::Failure Time );Implant::Failed_New_co) 2: Container field Failed_New_co The problem is that the copied icon loses its assigned script once I pasted it in the Container field. Any help please?! Thank you Paul
  7. Hi I assigned to a button a script that open a different layouts in a new window depending on the value of a pop-up menu. The layouts contain different images that i past it directly on the layouts. Since the images have different size i would like to include in the script a step that resize the window automatically so i can see the totality of the image. Any help please.
  8. Hi, I am new at the FMFORUMS and I find it fantastic. I am trying to find a way to create submenus, meaning that i will have a pop-up menu and inside of it some kind of a submenu so if i will choose an option from the submenu automatically that will select the root of the submenu. I hope i am clear enough. I would appreciate any help . Paul
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