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  1. Interesting. Okay, that shouldn't be a problem. The main issue, after all, is just trying to back up an open database file. So I'll just point the backup folder to the same drive as FMS is installed on, and then get our backup software to back that folder up. Problem solved. Thanks!
  2. I'm trying to move the backup path from one NAS to another on our Windows domain. The existing path is simply filewin://<servername>/corp/FMS-backup/ (corp/ is a share on that server, and yes, even with the extra slash after "filewin" the path still validates. The new path is filewin:/<differentservername>/services/backups/fms-backup/ (services/ is a share on the new server). This path will not validate, either with or without the extra slash after filewin. We've tried mapping <differentserver>/services/ to a driveletter, but that won't validate, either. In fact, no path to any machine on our network other than the server where backups currently are, and the server Filemaker Server is currently installed on, will validate. I doubt it's a permissions issue since any user on our domain, regardless of permissions, can navigate to any of these paths. Obviously I can get to any of these paths from Windows Explorer from the server hosting FMS. I'm pretty baffled as to what the problem could be. The new NAS is a Synology server with an EXT4 filesystem, but I don't think that's the issue since I can't validate to any other server either, and they're all running NTFS.
  3. How about the other way around? I remember that FM Pro 6 clients could connect to databases hosted by FM Server 5.5. Can a FM Pro 12 client connect to a database hosted by FM Pro 11? Sorry, should have asked both questions in one post.
  4. Will FM Pro 11 clients be able to connect to databases hosted by FM Pro 12 (not server)?
  5. Huh. That would explain it. Good to know for next year when I create a new version of the database.
  6. Would it help to identify each record in the table by a unique serial number? You could auto-enter the S/N, and then each record has a unique identity. It shouldn't be too hard to get a calculation field to determine the correct field based on S/N.
  7. I've got a table with three global fields; one a text field, the other two numeric fields. The database is hosted by Filemaker Pro 11. So far, no problem. But I've noticed that a change to any of these three fields is not updated by either a) guests if the change is made on the host computer, or the host if changes are made on guest computers. I've never seen any behavior like this in Filemaker before. In every other instance, a change made in one record is updated everywhere as soon as the change is committed. I can't imagine there's a database setting that would allow for this sort of behavior. Anyone have any ideas?
  8. I've got a layout that uses repeating fields for a pretty standard invoicing report. The problem is, for certain repetitions, the descriptions can get pretty long and would force the repeating field to extend past a page boundary. Is there any trick that will allow a repeating field to continue to print past a page break?
  9. We recently upgraded from Server 9 to Server 10, and during the installation I discovered a previous installation of FMS 5.5 still running (but not hosting any dbs). I tried to uninstall 5.5, but discovered that I need the installation disk to do the uninstall. Unfortunately, I discarded the 5.5 isntaller CD some time ago (we haven't run 5.5 in a few years). In the meantime, I just disabled the 5.5 service, but it would probably be nice to be able to just uninstall it. Are there any uninstallation workarounds that all you to uninstall without the install CD?
  10. Thanks; that did the trick. All I had to do was uninstall FMPro from the desktop, set the system clock back to sometime in 2008, reinstall, and I was good to go. The only hard part was preventing the system clock from resetting in mid-install via NTP. But I just kept an eye on it, and it seemed to work fine.
  11. I'm running FMPro 10 v.3 under Win7 virtualized via VMWare Fusion on OS X 10.6.3. From Filemaker Pro, I can see other computers hosting databases (both Filemaker Pro clients hosting shared files and FMServer hosting files), but I can't actually see the files being hosted. I've turned off the Windows firewall, set Fusion networking to Bridge Mode rather than NAT mode, etc. I can ping to the server that's running FMServer and can see the directories in which the hosted files are residing, so it's not a connectivity issue. I'm trying to think of anything else that could be interfering with my ability to connect to those hosted files, but I'm drawing a blank. Is FMPro just not supported on Win7 running on VMWare fusion?
  12. Filemaker Pro 10 has a lot of facilities for printing out information about database structure, such as the relationships graph, field definitions, blank layouts showing field names, etc. Is there a way to print out information about accounts and privileges? I have a staff meeting this week where I'd like to explain to users which fields are accessible, editable, etc. by users in their privilege group.
  13. I don't know why resizing and then re-opening didn't work, but in any event, just specifying a width and a height in the opening script did the trick. Thanks!
  14. I have a few databases hosted on FMS where I've changed the layouts after uploading the databases to the server. I'd like to be able to change the initial window size the client sees when the database is first opened, but there doesn't seem to be a way to do it. I've tried closing the database in the server, then opening the unshared file in the client and resizing the window, but that doesn't seem to take effect when I reopen the file in FMS. Is there some other way to do this?
  15. I noted an anomalous behavior this morning, where the Server admin console reports that the server is not running when it is, in fact, running. I know the server is running because I can open files hosted by the server in Filemaker Pro. When I first launch the admin console, it takes an unusually long time to launch. But once it's launched, I can authenticate to it. When the admin console comes up, it reports under Server Overview that the ODBC/JDBC server is off, which is fine; I don't have that functionality enabled. But when I click on any of the other entries (e.g., Clients, Databases, Schedules, etc.), I get a dialog that says, "The Database Server is not available. Admin console functionality is limited to FileMaker Server Overview. To use other functionality, please start the database server again." If I click on the "Start Database Server" icon, nothing seems to happen. And again, I know the server is running, because I can open files that it's hosting in Filemaker Pro.
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