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  1. Well you can tell where I stand on the issue : ) A number of the sub-summaries in my report are based on fields within the layout table itself - not on related tables. Consequently, even if the field itself is empty, the record isn't - so the SS is going to display. I have to use sliding / shrinking to hide those blank fields but of course, you still get the white space between the fields showing up on the report. Thus, when running a report on a record with a number of empty fields that are associated with the sub-summaries, you get blocks of large, combined white space I'm th
  2. That's as I feared, and the only viable option I could think of. Not being able to script custom sorts easily is irritating and, considering what else is available in FM, feels like a missing feature. Many thanks for all your help - now I'll have to browbeat my client into accepting the solution : )
  3. Quite - however as explained, there is a title (not to mention boxes and lines) in the layout within the sub-summary. These are being printed regardless of whether the sub-summary contains records or not. If I can put the "automatic disabling of a sub-summary from a sort when it is empty" to one side, my primary concern is creating a report which allows a user to enable / disable fields within the sort without using the 'sort dialogue' built into FM. If I can do that, then disabling blank sections can be accomplished as well. Thanks )
  4. Yes, I came up with something similar but there are more than just titles, which is why I wanted to disable the sub-summary if it was blank (I felt that if I - or someone else - could come up with a neat way of disabling parts of the sort, then it wouldn't be difficult to use the same technique to remove the blank sub-summaries.
  5. Hi Bcooney Thanks for your suggestion - unfortunately they are many possible sub-summary combinations and I'm really trying to avoid a massive nested IF / CASE situation. Thanks for the heads'up on the Dynamic Layout Technique - I'll see if it can help. As for the empty sub-summary situation, what I meant was that if a report results with a sub-summary containing no data, I would want to turn that sub-summary off automatically. Each sub-summary has a title and I'm trying to avoid spurious titles / blank space when a sub-summary contains nothing. It is for this reason that I
  6. Hi I'm working on a FM9 DB (Mac and PC) that generates a number of different reports using multiple sub-summaries. My client wants to be able to turn parts of the report off (disabling sub-summaries from the sort) without using the built in FM sort dialogue (ie they want a layout with checkboxes for enabling / disabling different parts of the report). Is this possible? Secondly, they want empty sub-summaries to be removed from the report automatically (ie if a report runs and a sub-summary part is empty, then it should be left off all together, so excluded from the sort). Any h
  7. That works very nicely with defined lists but as I said, the user needs to be able to enter a value that isn't listed. I could change the drop down to a pop up and include Other for additions but this will only work visually with short lists. Still, I think that you're onto something there - I'll play around with it and check the list lengths. Thanks for your help (and patience). LOL on the sign : )
  8. Yes, I saw the fields as labels but (I'm sorry) I fail to see how this helps me out. I'll try and put it another way. The logic behind it is that if a user changes FieldOne (eg NameofTowninWelsh) then alter FieldTwo (eg NameofTowninEnglish). If user changes FieldTwo then change FieldOne. In another way : I have two layouts that reference the same table, they're almost identical but one is in English and the other in Welsh (not just the field headings but also the fields themselves). Some of the fields are the same but some are language specific. For example, there are two fields for
  9. Hi guys. Well a couple of interesting points but neither matches what I'm after. Labelling of fields is not a problem - I've got the layouts all sorted. The problem is I have two fields : TownWelsh and Town English. The former records the Welsh version of the town name and the latter records the English version of the town name. If a layout shows one of the fields (based upon the user's language preferences), how can one field overwrite the other since both need to be calculations? To put it another way, if an English user sees the TownEnglish field and changes it to "Cardiff",
  10. Hi - I'm working on an FM9 DB which has 2 layouts for most tables - one in English and the other in Welsh. Each table records both the English and Welsh field contents (Town_English, Town_Welsh, etc) For example, a Welsh user views the Welsh layout and corresponding Welsh fields, whereas an English user would see the English layout and only the English fields. My problem is that since this is a multi-cultural DB, if one user changes the Welsh Town field (for example), the DB needs to change the English Town field accordingly (ie the Welsh name for the Town is entered, and a case stat
  11. There are 2 other places, that I know of, where font smoothing can be affected under XP. 1. Under System Properties (right click on My Computer or System via Control Panel). Select Advanced tab / Performance settings and make sure that Smooth Edges of Screen Fonts is enabled. 2. Right click the desktop and select Properties (or Display via Control Panel). Select Appearance tab and then the Effects button. Make sure ClearType is the Font smoothing method. Sorry if I'm teaching you to suck eggs, but it's a useful tip for Mac users who only occasionally use Windows and wonder why t
  12. Hi LaRetta That worked very well. It's not perfect (that's Windows for you) but it's sooo much better than before. Unfortunately I can't mess about with the colours as they've been chosen for me already (continuity with another primary system and all that). Thanks guys, my bacon has been saved once again.
  13. Many thanks for your help people! "Do you have 'Select Entire Field Contents On Entry' checked in your behaviors box?". Well it's not just the non-enterable fields that have the colour issues - it's also the portal itself (and you can't use the field control controls on that). Sorry, I probably wasn't clear in my description of the fault. Yup, your conditional formatting suggestion certainly sounds worth trying - I'll give that a go. I very much like the idea of the transparent button layered over the non-enterable fields. Nice one - I'll try that on for size. Seriously, thanks
  14. Hi guys, hoping that someone can sort out this highlighting problem I have. I'm using a database that when you click into a portal, the colours of everything within it are sort of inverted (the dark grey background becomes light grey, cyan boxes become orange, etc). It's lurid and horrible. Now this happens under XP but not OS X (OS X simply applies a grey tone to selected objects). I wouldn't be surprised if this is an operating system issue rather than anything to do with FileMaker but after a long hour of searching, I've found nothing. I've noticed that any object within the porta
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