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  1. OK, I've cracked it, but still don't understand why. Record 278 (of 292) was the culprit. Each record has two container fields, one with a linked jpeg photograph in it (about 500k) and one with another linked image in it (only a few k; could be jpeg, gif, png etc.). When I removed the gif from this record the PDF export worked fine - re-attach the gif and the old error returned. So I converted it to a png and *bingo* no more problems. I have gifs in other records so I can only assume that this one was corrupted in some way. Anyway, no marks to someone for a really
  2. Thanks for the response. I had previously tried "untitled" and it didn't work, and I'm afraid that it's the same with "test" I've just tried it with just the first 100 records of Booklet 30 and it is absolutley fine, so I'm still inclined to think that there is one (or more) records that the PDF format just does not like. More suggestions welcomee though!
  3. I'm using FMPro9 and am creating a series of PDF booklets from one of my databases for external printing. I'm doing it 'manually' i.e. by finding the records I want to export, then clicking the icon in the toolbar that says 'Save records as PDF' typing in a filename then clicking save. I have successfully created Booklet 1 to Booklet 29 inclusive in this way. However when I try to do Booklet 30 I get "Booklet 30.pdf could not be created on this disk. Use a different name, make more room on the disk, unlock it or use a different disk." The disk I am using has around 500Gb fr
  4. Have solved the problem myself. It was because the top of the container field overlapped into the heading. Having moved the field down to be completely into the body area, it displays fine. Many thanks again
  5. Thanks Daniele, I'll post ASAP Simon
  6. When I first open FP9, and when navigating generally, the contents of my container field will not show without me clicking in it, then in the frame of the record. The attached file explains better. Many thanks FP9_display_problem.pdf
  7. Thanks for that. The paths are fine. Seems rather pointless having a User Dictionary if the file size limit really is that small - perhaps a FM developer would like to comment? Thanks again anyway
  8. I have been running some spellchecks on my largest database. Since it is quite specialised I have added many words to the User Dictionary. Today I am trying to add words in the usual way by pressing the 'Learn' button in the spellcheck dialog box and I'm getting a "Cannot add word to User Dictionary" error box. Is it full? Can it be increased? Is there something else I should be doing? Many thanks in advance
  9. Many thanks - worked a treat. I used to be on 5.5 and used the Troi file plugin and the way I had it worked fine. Obviously the FM9 way is more fussy! Thanks again
  10. I have a flat database with, amongst others, a container field called 'Image' and another field called 'Main Photo' which contains the full path to that image (e.g. D:My Documents............014.jpg). I have made a very simple script (attached) which I thought would read 'Main Photo' and insert the image into 'Image' All I get is an error saying that the file cannot be found. I can insert the file 'manually' so I can't see what's wrong. Thanks for any help Photographic_Collection_Script.pdf
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