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  1. I REALLY appreciate all your help with this but were not getting anywhere and I don't want to waste your time... Again, my need is to show MULTIPLE Staff records and Multiple matching Jobs records in ONE list view. The only way I can see is to merge them into a separate match table with one record per unique combination of Staff member and job that shares the 3 fields. Thank you very much Again! Eric
  2. No... See attached excel. This is what the final Output should liook like... Your example has overlap in each successive match fields so they all end up with the same Title, Dept and Area in my example... FMP_Example.zip
  3. The date isn't important, in fact ordering isn't important, just flagging the match so I can follow up with both sides. I just thought that it could be created as you said when either a new job is entered creating a match somewhere, or a new sfatt memebr is added or one of the match fields is changed. If I was using some kind of a match table, I assume a record would be generated at that moment and a date could be created. But its not important. Just listing the matches. Your last example is exactly what I want if multiple records of Staff AND jobs that match are shown in the same portal
  4. The date the Candidate and Job had a match. The jobs change continuosly. Heres the structure in a nut shell. The COMPANY table has all the hospitals I recruit for. The JOBS table is a child (ie the many in a one to many relationship)table of COMPANY where each Hospital has multiple openings each being a new record in JOBS. Also, there is a second child table of COMPANY called STAFF (I called it Candidates in the posts) It has a new record for each staff memebr in the Hospital. Each JOB record and each STAFF record have 3 indentical (ie same drop downs, etc.) fields, 1)Title (exp. "Manager
  5. BTW I already have the matches shown in each table ie all the jobs that match a single candidate are shown in a portal in the Candidate layout, and all the candidates that match any single job are shown in a portal in the Jobs layout, the problem is I want to show the matches in a different layout, the parent layout of Jobs called "Company" So I need to show multiple candidates AND multiple jobs matched in one list.
  6. Adam A Adam B Betty B Betty C Cecil C
  7. In your example the end list would be 5 lines, (one for each match) and the order doesn't really matter but ideqally they would be sorted by the match date.
  8. Each match, (ie candidates 3 fields Title, Dept and Area match the 2 fields for the "Job" (Title and Dept) and the field Area from the related parent table "Company") would be listed as a separate record in a list. Ideally I would love it to be a Portal in the "Company" and "Candidate" layouts. So it would read: Cand Table|Matched fields|Jobs Table Cand Name |Title/Dept/Area|Company| Job Descript ie. ADAM|DIRECTOR|SURGERY|SW LA| UCLA | "Dir Surgey.. for each match listed out.
  9. Sounds like you need to do 2 tables, Furniture and Job. Furniture has fields about an individual piece of furniture. Jobs hasa one to many relationship with furniture ie in one job you select multiple pieces of furniture. Then you display the job layour with a furniture portal showing the pieces selected.
  10. I have two tables "CANDIDATES" and "JOBS" Each shares 3 fields, "Title", Department" and "Area". I want to create a List or Table view layout that shows ONLY the matches, ie combinations of one record in each table where all 3 fields match. Is this done with a "join table" and how? I tried just creating a separate "Match" table with the fields realated but I don't know how to populate it.
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