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  1. Believe me, there is a good amount of software we can't use here because of that. I work in the corporate headquarters of a large company that deals with sensitive customer data, so our data security is off the scale. They will not open ports, period. It just seems like the Filemaker folks released FMS 10 while shrugging their shoulders and saying "Well, let's hope everybody can open those ports, eh?" I understand that most people won't have a problem with this, but for the few of us that do, it's inconvenient to the point of making me want to downgrade to FMS 8. I had no problem using th
  2. I wish I could, but as I said in my first post, it's out of my hands. They're not going to open any ports, unfortunately. In my department we've brought this and other similar issues up with them, and they won't do anything because it will compromise security, in their words. So there is no other way around this? I gotta say, I'm not too happy about the FMP server admin depending on something the client may or may not have any control over in order to work.
  3. I'm already using Apple Remote Desktop to get to it remotely. The problem is that in order to run FMP Server Admin, I have to turn off the network port on the server so it doesn't try to use ports 16000 and 16001. Obviously with the network port turned off I can't get to it remotely via Remote Desktop or Timbuktu, so I have to physically be in front of the server to do it.
  4. This one is probably getting old, but I have an ongoing problem with not being able to use Server Admin to contact the server, because it can't use ports 16000 and 16001. The port situation is out of my hands, I work for a very large corporation and I'm not in IT. For whatever reason, this web-based/Java/whatever it is implementation of FMP Server Admin will not work on our network. So far my solution has been to disconnect the server from the network, and then start server admin. This usually works, but it's immensely inconvenient because I have to go to a different floor of our building
  5. That seems to have worked perfectly, thanks a lot. If you don't mind though, would you mind explaining in noob speak why it worked? Like, what does the Case argument have to do with it? I'm still trying to figure out how calculations work.
  6. Sorry subject isn't very descriptive, not enough room. I've got a report that subtracts one date from another date, and puts the result in a very simple calculation field. It's basically just date_2 - date_1. Additionally I've got a summary field in the footer that gets the average days from that calculation field. My problem is when we get a row that only has one date added, and not both. When this happens I get a question mark in the calculation field, and apparently what Filemaker is doing is just plugging in the number 733533. At least that's what the field shows when I expo
  7. Wait... I think I might have fixed it. As I mentioned, I've got my databases on a RAID volume as opposed to the internal HDD on the server. Just for giggles I checked permissions on that volume, and saw that only the local admin of the server had read/write privileges to that volume. So I went in and set group permissions for that volume to read/write for the "fmsadmin" group, which is apparently generated by FM Server. This appears to have solved my problem. I can now log into that database remotely using my admin u/p, and I have full access. I'm trying not to jinx myself, but I think th
  8. Thanks for checking it out. Unfortunately there is only one copy of this database being served on the network as of right now, so that's probably not it. I tried that with the backups I had, still no luck. Same problem. My server was at 8.02, so I upgraded it to 8.04. Still didn't fix it. My client is also at the latest version (of 8.0x) which is 8.03. I appreciate the suggestions, unfortunately I still have the same problem. There's nothing complicated about my setup, so I'm really at a loss as to why this isn't working. These are not complicated databases, and
  9. Here's some additional information, for clarity. The only way I can get admin rights on this DB is to close it in FM Server so it's no longer being served, and then open it locally in FMP on the server. Then the admin u/p works and I can write to the DB. If the DB is being served in Server, I can't write to the DB no matter how I log on to it. Locally on the same machine, remotely from a different machine, it doesn't matter. It takes my admin u/p and lets me in, but does not give me full access privileges. Bottom line: The problem exists if the DB is being served in FM Server, i
  10. Yep, here it is. The u/p is: tech, macrules DB_Clone.fp7.zip
  11. Both the admin accounts are using the [Full Access] privilege set. It's an odd problem, I didn't know if I just overlooked something simple in the settings or what. I've been over them a bunch of times though, and I'm still not sure why I don't have full access when I log into the database remotely.
  12. Here's my setup. Filemaker 8 Server with a couple databases running on it, each one configured with two admin accounts. These admin accounts are set up to allow full access. Filemaker 8 Client. When I open FM client and use Open Remote to connect to one of the databases on the server, everything works normally, and it asks me for my username and password. I enter my admin u/p (which should give me full access), and it connects without a problem... but not with admin access. I can't create or modify records. I've verified that it is authenticating against the accounts I set up in the
  13. That worked! Thank you so much. It seems so obvious now that you've shown me how it works. Very much appreciated!
  14. Hi, I'm a Filemaker noob. I hope this is the correct forum to ask a technical question, it seemed like the right one. Anyway I'm in a position now where I'm having to learn Filemaker. I've got a few books, but a lot of the time I can't quite grok what I need to do to make something happen. My current problem is that I'm working in a fairly complex database, and for one of the reports that runs it references a calculation field to determine which data to include in the report. The calc field uses a Case function, and it looks like this: Case( ItemType = ""; " "; ItemType = "Ads";
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