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  1. So I have a database that I use to order 'scans' from an outside vendor. Each scan has a unique name and also a 'scan length' in frames. I receive from the vendor a text file showing what they've completed (which shows scan name and scan length). I have imported this into a new table. What I want to do is compare the two fields and if they match have the field (or a separate field) turn a colour and if they don't match it turns a different colour. example Scan Ordered: [color:blue]Name / Length ml_076_010_pl01_v01 / 56 ml_076_020_pl01_v01 / 45 Scan delivered: [color:blue]Name/Length/Colour [color:blue]ml_076_010_pl01_v01 / [color:green]56 / [color:green]Green - Matching scan [color:blue]ml_076_020_pl01_v01 / [color:red]44 / [color:red]Red - Non matching scan I've tried a couple of calcs but don't seem to be getting anywhere. Do I need globals of the colours? Thanks in advance for any help, Ian
  2. OK, makes sense, is there a way of formating a portal for during printing then? Would I have to have all other text in the header and/or footer? I know I can get the same answer using a 'List' calculation, can this be made to read in the horizontal? At the moment it splits the 'roll number' with a carriage return so also reads down Thanks for your help
  3. Does anyone know if portals can be made to work in a horizontal manner rather than a vertical? I'm producing a database in which I can print out a 'Movement Order' which shows the entries from another table. It would be great if I could have the 'Roll No's' running across the page as oppose to down the page so I can fit them on one A4 (if there are lots of rolls). Thanks
  4. Great, thanks for this. I can see what I was doing wrong now (I need to experiment a little but..). I knew it should be relatively straight forward.
  5. I'm writing what in essence a simple database but have got stumped at the following. The database is to track the movement of certain film rolls in and out of two locations. There is a record for each roll 'roll numbers' which have a 'movement order no' assigned (separate field) as they get shipped about. I have to produce a document to authorise this movement. How can I create a field that shows all the 'roll numbers' for a 'movement order no'. I know I should be able to but can't get the function right. I've created a report which will count the number of rolls per 'movement order' which is great for costing but I need the specific 'roll numbers' to create the paperwork to shift them.
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