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  1. I want to develop an EMR ( electronic Medical Record) based on FM. Any help would be appreciated. Regards
  2. Oh, Now I get it! Thanks so much. MK
  3. Thanks for your patience. It appears that the db works on your system but not on mine. I checked again. In the preferences - layout the item Add newly defined fields to current layout is checked in all the 8 layouts. I still see only the Pk and fk fields. Regards MK
  4. Hi : The file did not upload because there was a glitch in the upload process, acc. to Ocean West. I am uploading it again. Returning to the original problem, the solution is simple: I can insert fields. But I am curious about the fundamental aspects of a database. If fields start missing in a critical item, then what? M K Ch07_Mars_Investigations_Start.zip
  5. Here is the .zip file. Thanks MK
  6. Thanks for the reply. Actually that's the first thing I checked. The preferences are set to show newly added fields. M Khan
  7. Thanks, but I was curious why this is happening? Thanks MK
  8. It is strange that 'EXPENSES' layout shows the fields. I have 7 tables and 7 Table occurances. I also checked the display dialog box. What gives? I am attaching the file: MarsInvestigations I tried to zip the file but it zips to .zipx Thanks MK
  9. Thanks Lee for your kind reply, I have been pulling my hair out. How do I attach my FM file?
  10. I created 7 tables for an invoice management solution. I find the seven layouts. But, only the primary key and Fk fields appear on the layouts. Why do the other fields like First name etc do not show in the Customer layout? M K
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