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  1. I have a client that normally prints to a HP laserjet printer. There are times when he prints to a Dymo lable printer. To do this he uses a script I created and it works fine. However once he has done this, Filemaker defaults to the Dymo Printer. The user has to go to page setup to return to the HP laserjet Printer. Is there a way to tell Filemaker to return to the previous printer ??. I tested the Change Printer plug in from Productive computing and i did not see a clean way to do it without prinitng a sheet to the previous printer.
  2. I would like to print a specific page where a record is located that was modified. Example: I have 1000 records that when printed on a report produces 100 pages. After the report was printed one of the records had to be modified. I only want to print the page where the modified record is diplayed on the report, not all the pages. The more automated the better with this...
  3. Hi ! I have a word form that i want to populate from Filemaker. I downloaded your test file but the examples are not clear to me. Can you show me a simple example of how to do this ? If this works as i hope I plan to purchase a license for multiple users in our organization. Thanks..
  4. I have a microsoft word form that has data fields. I want to link a filemaker database to the Microsoft Form and populate fields in the form.
  5. The "print" command in the script with "specify print options" checked will allow you to select a specific printer. This script would only be used to print to that specific printer. All the PC's in question would have to have that printer in their printer list but it would not have to be the default printer.
  6. Lets say i have two fields. Each field has the same text in most cases. Is there a way to have the text that does not match the other field appear in a different format ? (color / bold / etc)
  7. Converted database to FMP 10. The database is on Filemaker Server v10. The database runs for a few days then crashes. I have done a compression of the database. I have done a recover and exported the data to a clone (clean) copy of the database. Same result.. database crashes after a few days. This occurs between 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM. Any input would be appreciated.
  8. This problem has been sent to Filemaker Support. They performed their own test and see this as an issue. The error capture function is not performing as it should. Thanks for the input.
  9. I have a script that runs an Access file which generates a text file of data. My script has a loop with an error capture that waits for the text file to be created and then imports it. In FMP 6 this worked fine. Now in FMP10 i get a "File is locked or in use" message from FMP. The error capture no longer works. Any ideas ?
  10. Real

    Custom Menu

    Thanks for the feedback. Our databases cover many needs. An interface (menu screen) is needed to select where you want to go. The custom menus option in FMP9 looks like the way to go.
  11. Real

    Custom Menu

    DOE Department Of Energy.. As in... "The Government"
  12. Real

    Custom Menu

    Thanks for the feedback. We were looking at custom menus today DOE Department Of Energy
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