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  1. I stopped the 'Find in progress... Processing query' after 24 hours. 😕
  2. Smart people, I have a hosted solution that runs a server side script every 5 minutes polling several different tables and putting the information on a Dashboard table that contains 1 record. I have a table that has 280,000+ records that needs access to the Dashboard's record. I made a Cartesian Join first starting with the Big table to the Dashboard table. After staring at 'Find in progress... Processing query' for an hour, I tried to start the Cartesian join from the Dashboard table to the Big table and have now been staring at the same 'Find in progress... Processing query' for over 2
  3. I'm experiencing an intermittent issue with SC Companion Plug v2.9504 running in FM16.03.302 on OSX 10.13. The issue occurs on multiple machines running the same configuration. Issue: 1) FM Launches successfully but 'unchecks' SC Companion Plug. SOLUTION: Recheck SC Companion Plug and restart FM. 2) FM Displays the error: "?" failed to initialize. SOLUTION: Hit 'OK, FM quits... they retry. Please advise, Peter Lehrack Reliable Permit Solutions, LLC
  4. My Webdirect solution being hosted on a Filemaker 15 server is not selecting the contents of a field when tabbing from field to field. Everything is set properly and works fine in FM. I previously had an issue with a tab control going wonky and I had to start from a fresh theme to get it back working so I'm hoping it's not custom theme related. Thoughts? Peter
  5. Same thing here from FM13 running on OSX 10.9.2 using SC 2.896. The files it happens to for me are much smaller though... 1mb-2mb pdf's. The issue is intermittent. Peter
  6. I recently updated my OS to Mavericks and have been having an issue ever since with nothing else changing. At the end of every day, I have a script that emails the day's invoices to customers. This process has been run every day without issues for several years. Since updating to Mavericks, FM hangs after sending 50-60 emails. Activity Monitor reports that FM is not responding and I've tried waiting hours for it to come back without success. A force quit is the only option, I restart the emailing at the point of hanging and it hangs again after another 50-60. It's happened every day since
  7. I have implemented a separation model in order to make a mirror file but when the users in the office which hosts the FM server locally are logged into the mirror file via a script step, they automatically log in via WAN instead of LAN. FM Server shows clients logged in with the same client name via the WAN and LAN. How can I force the clients in the office with the FM server to log in via a script set using the LAN instead of the WAN? Thanks in advance, Peter Lehrack
  8. If I upgrade to Plastic 2, will my Plastic 1 code still run unaltered? Peter Lehrack
  9. I'm with you Jim, I'm thinking of using the Separation model but the Filemaker PHP library only shows local layouts. Is this not possible? Peter
  10. It makes sense when my FM server is deployed on a Mac Mini with a 256GB SSD and a 12TB Pegasus RAID with over 2TB of container data already. I use Supercontainer currently but would like to switch to FM12's external container storage as I need to have a scripted container data email capability via FMGo. Peter
  11. I figured out what Ender did, is there no way to make this self join dynamic sans portals? Having to go to related records is problematic at best. Thanks, Peter
  12. The portal is not sorted or filtered. I am currently getting 'N' from a new summary field, the only issue with it is that summary's are not always calculated. Users at times will have to go to the next record and then back for the summary to update. Peter
  13. Great! Thank you, I got it working with one small caveat. I added a summary field for record count to get the row numbers. Sometimes, summary fields don't update instantly. The conditional format formula uses the summary field to select the row for GetNthRecord in it's calculation and it works about 75% of the time. When it doesn't work, changing to a different tab, then back or going to the next record, then back fixes it. Any thoughts on how to calculate a portal row position without a summary? Peter
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