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  1. Hi folks. Nevermind, I figured it out. For posterity, here's what I needed to do. My percentage calculatio needed to be this: GetSummary ( s_countStudentsProgressed ; nationality ) / GetSummary ( s_countStudents ; nationality ) Thanks! Dave
  2. I've got a bunch of student records, which include nationality and a progression decision. I would like to see the progression rate by nationality.  I've attached a screenshot of what I'm currently getting on a layout with sub-summaries sorted by nationality.   The # of students and the # of students progressed seem to be working. These are both summary fields, with the progressed number being the total of a calculation that is 1 if they progress and 0 if they don't. For the %, I have a numeric calculation field where I divide the two summary fields: (s_countStudentsProgress
  3. Thanks! I still don't really understand why we lost this functionality when upgrading from 8.5 to 11, but I appreciate the suggestions. I particularly like the idea of leaving all of them open but not displaying them in open remote. That would seemingly solve the problem. I'll give that a shot. The problem with backing up a database when I open / close it is that we store our backups by date -- thus, I'd need to remember when I last edited a file in order to find the latest backup.
  4. The issue isn't so much restricting access as it is keeping the list of available databases manageable. We run at least three different programs each semester, and I like to keep just the current year and the past year open so the list of available files isn't too overwhelming. If I had every program we've ever run open all the time, we'd have over 70 files on our list. I'm only asked to open an old one a few times each semester, so I don't mind. Is there a way to include closed files in the backup? Thanks! Dave Edit: in the interest of clarity -- when I say "program" up above,
  5. Hi folks, I manage FM for a university department, and we recently upgraded to server 11. After the upgrade, I have noticed that closed files on our server are no longer included in the daily backup (as they were with server 8.5). I keep the closed files in the default folder, so I know that isn't the problem. I also went through the admin console and I didn't see any option to "include closed files" or anything like that. I like the keep closed files on our server (they are for previous semesters) because people need them every once in a while. And I need them in the backup, becau
  6. Just to follow up, I used your approach and got it working. Thanks again!
  7. Wow, thanks so much for this! I don't fully get it at first glance, but I'm going to dig into it. This is extremely helpful!
  8. Thanks for sharing this! Unfortunately, I'm using FM 11 so I can't open the file. I've thought about doing it with a script, though, and I was actually working on a solution in that vein today. I'd love to see your file, if it isn't too much trouble to save it in an FM 11 compatible format. Thanks again!
  9. I am building a schedule generation database, and I'm trying to figure out an efficient way to identify schedule conflicts between classes. Each class can have up to 5 meeting times. I've got a way that works, but it's very brute force and I think there has to be a better way. Currently, I've got a Student in Classes table related to itself by student ID and a non-equal Student in Class ID. In other words, they will connect for all of the classes that a student is in other than the particular class being referenced. Through this relationship, I'm checking for class time conflicts using
  10. We use FM server 8 to host our student database and I administer it using the admin console. I could run it fine on my XP machine, but it doesn't run properly on my new Windows 7 machine. I've tried running it at both 32 and 64 bit. In 32-bit, it looks like it's starting OK, but it hangs once I select the server to log into. In 64-bit, it says "MMC could not create the snap-in" in the main window. Has anyone had any success running the FM server 8 admin console on a Windows 7 machine? Any tips? I've still got my old XP box hooked up so I can remote in and use the admin console from
  11. Excellent, thank you very much! I was creating a limited account and ran into this problem.
  12. I realize that this is probably a dumb question, but before we upgrade, I just want to make sure that I won't need to change everyone's clients if we upgrade the server. We want to take advantage of the web features of server 10. Right now, we're using server 8, and everyone has 8.5 clients. Our databases are in .fp7 format. If we go from server 8 to 10, will we need to change the clients / database formats as well? Thanks a lot! Dave
  13. Yeah, that sounds good. I didn't mean to imply that I would make new layouts for each semester. What I was trying to say was that I thought the way to separate semesters would be via layout design. I also have started reading the white paper you recommend in your signature. It's very helpful so far. Thanks! Dave
  14. First, I apologize if this is the wrong area for this post, but my suspicion is that layouts will ultimately hold the key. I have recently become responsible for maintaining the database for a school. Currently, they have a somewhat convoluted (albeit functional) set of FM databases. They have one separate database for students, one for instructors, another for classes, and another for the current semester. Each semester, they copy the last semester's database and erase all of the data. I want to bring all of these pieces together into one database. I've started doing it, but one
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