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  1. Hi everyone, Here's my problem. Sometimes, when I go into "Tools/Database Design Reports", it ask me where I want to save my Summary report (I always save it at the same place). I save it and then the progress bar start, but after like 10 seconds, Filemaker is closing by itself and my report has not been created. I tried on an other pc and same thing is happening. Sometimes it work but some not. Any ideas?
  2. I got 5 tables (Picture, Event, Consequence, Cost and Login). The table picture has some container images (not global). The relation between Picture(serial key) and Login(serial key) is an "X". The relation between Login(serial key) and Event(serial key) is an "X". The relation between Event and Consequence is a "=". The field "_fkEvent" in the table Event is linked with the serial key of Consequence. The relation between Consequence and Cost is a "=". The field "_fkCons" in the table Consequence is linked with the serial key of Cost. My problem is that my images in the table Picture does not show up when I'm in my table Cost but it does in Event or Consequence. I checked if I had a problem in my link (wrong number in one of my field) but it's all good. I can correct my problem if I put a new instance of Picture linked with an "X" with Event, but I'd like to know why this is happening. Any ideas ?
  3. When I use the text tool I can show a specific field like this: <> but I'd like to know if it's possible to show the get(accountname) with the text tool ? If yes, how ? Thx
  4. Hi. I'm trying to execute a script via filemaker api via newPerformScriptCommand($layout, $scriptName, $param). Actually the script runs. I'm doing a new record and in that script I try to set a field with the $param by doing a get(scriptparameter). The field always has a different value and it's never the good one. What's wrong ? It looks like it never get my parameter.
  5. Excuse me, but i forgot to add informations. Actually I'm in the "Specify Calculation" menu for the field_a. So I need to write the calculation result...field_a = "Need to write something". What i would like to do is to set field_b and field_c to something into the "Need to write something" formula. Can I ?
  6. Hi, I have 3 calculation field called a, b and c. Is it possible to set, for example, the b field to '2' and the c field to '3' IF the a field worth '1' ? I'd like to do it without a script. Thx
  7. Hi everyone. I got a problem using the "Print Setup" function. In one of my script I'm using the "Set error capture On" because I would like to cancel the script if the user press cancel. Is it normal that "OK" and "Cancel" from the "Print Setup" function return the same error which is 0 For the "Print" function that works fine : Is there a way to bypass this ? I use FileMaker Pro 9 advanced.
  8. Hi! I'm new in filemaker pro 9 and I'm trying to do something but i'm not able. I got a table named model, one named Option and an other one named Model_Option which link the 2 previous table. For each model, I can have from 0 to X options. I'm able to display in a portal all options for a specific model but I would like to display all the options that are NOT used by the specific model. Is it possible ? If yes, what would be the syntax in the graph ?
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