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  1. Hey all, I have a fMS script scheduled and in that script it has an import script step. The import is pulling data from another hosted filemaker file. But when the script runs it does not import the records. I do a find the database that I want the data from. Then go to the table that I want the data to end up. Set Error Capture[On] Go To Layout ["Default Main" (Default)] Enter Find Mode[] Insert Text [select; Default::Next Date; "<="] Insert Current Date[Default::Next Date] Perform Find[] If [Get(FoundCount) > 0] Go To Layout ["MainRecords Main" (MainRec
  2. How can I upload a file into the filemaker DB? I have this php code that give the user the option to choose the file, how can I get that file into a record in FM? thanks
  3. thank you Even though this is a physical file for import, how does HTTP request work? What url do you put in for the Import XML script step? RB
  4. In the Articles element is says 25 I know the value is 25 but could I grab the ordered value "50"? thanks
  5. I see now, I will create four tables each for the elements, address/article/package/packagelines. and have four imports. thank you
  6. I suppose I can add the packages along with the article because it carries the same articlenumber or can I import the package using the article number? And Thank you very much for all of this.
  7. Essentially there would be three tables... One for the ShippingAddress or what should be the top level table. The xml should import once into this table. A table for the articles with the FK of the ShippingAddress table. The xml should import the articles into this table. Then import the packages into a table. With FK of the articles. Could I do all this in one import with one stylesheet or do I need to do multiple things? thanks
  8. Attached is an example of the xml file that I am using. I need to create a stylesheet to import into filemaker. Some of the elements in the xml file do not read for filemaker. And sometimes there could be more than one article. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> Cengage EPAC-123456789 Cengage Jimmy Page 145 Dart Ave Akron 44301 OH USA false 2 1432 2 9781234567890 Three Cups Of Tea Jeff Beck Cengag
  9. Hi all, Is it possible to create one parent record and then create multiple child records based on the XML file? Ricky
  10. I apologize for being difficult the file will create new Filemaker record or update the fields in a record. the file name will dictate whether the fm script will import to create a new record or update the fields. let me know if i am being more difficult
  11. some more details. I am dropping record files in a folder, the name of the files are unique. (Primary ids of the database) I need some way to grab that filename and incorporate it in filemaker scripts.(whether it be Variable steps or Global fields) In which I can handle the files(importing) the way I want it. The applescript will be performed in a filemaker script. The folder itself it located locally. I need the filename of the file because the filemaker scripts will either import the record (if that ID is non-existent) or update the record.(based on the ID). I can develop co
  12. hey, I am a newbie on applescript and I need some help. I need an applescript to be able to grab the filename and its related path from a folder and place it in a filemaker variable script step. also the applescript or fm script will need to be able to run if there are more than one file in that folder. help please? thanks
  13. @John May - Point In Space When you say 'Filemaker Network Sharing to directly edit your database running' How exactly will that work? Running scripts to import/export records? Build relationship to display the data? thanks RB
  14. @Mike Cavalieri no, my company will not allow any ports through the firewall. the purpose of the solution that my company uses is for everything. the solution runs the company and production in the plant. (Orders,lineitems,production jobs,invoicing) The purpose of the solution for the customer is for displaying data. (order status, shipping status,production status) Records/Data will need to be imported into this new solution outside the firewall, allowing my customers to see without entering the network. thanks RB
  15. Hi All, I need some feedback on some issues. I have a solution that is inside an Internal Network (My company's internal network) Having web solutions for our costumer can be a bit difficult since they have to log in to the network, via VPN. Is it possible to build web solutions since the filemaker DB is inside the filewall for my costumer and not have them log in to the network(basically having it accessible to anybody)? If this cannot happen, can I have filemaker on a different server, in which I can build web solutions from that DB? How can I effectively exchange data from this '
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