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  1. Well I'm pretty sure I had filled that profile in the beginning but it's been years since I've been in this forum. Thank you very much for the tip on the GiveAccess software. I had tried changing registry without success. Of course if the user does this manually then this is no trouble but my solutions cater to the non-power users so this has to be resolved from the install. I will give it a try but I see they have the 32bit and 64 bit versions so I'm wondering if I should use the 32 bit version when I am installing the 32bit runtime files in a 64 bit Windows O.S. system... have you ha
  2. WOW. I can't believe FM has not addressed this as of version 12v4... It's must be a known issue for years now. Every decent windows application that needs to write data in windows 7 or 8 will write to the %appdata% directory. Under the new security policies Microsoft explicitly protects the program files directory, it should not host any user modifiable files. The database files should be installed in appdata, while the runtime should be in the program files folder. Problem is how does the runtime EXE know where the datafiles are now... big bummer for those needing to deploy commer
  3. Considering 4d here too. Here's a couple of questions for you all, What other development platforms are you seriously considering? And what specific features are you looking for in those new platforms? For me, bringing true multi-user capabilities to compiled or runtime generated applications is a must, which is basically non-existent in FM. Also high on my list is the ability to edit true code and provide a good environment for teamwork application development. I think that the general feel for some of us is that leaving filemaker is not a question of if, but rather of when. I
  4. Same thing happening here on FM10 server, so I guess it is the standard behavior of the admin console. For a multi-user solution it would be much better to have the actual account name displayed in the console rather than the registration name(or both if one wishes to). I noticed that you can still see the account name of the user by clicking the registration name of the active session but after a while it gets tedious (look for it just below the middle of the app).
  5. an alternative would be to try a RAID mirror. Either a hardware or software RAID would do it. Has anyone tried this?
  6. So what did you do eventually?? Did you ever considered eliminating the AM PM "visually"? Just hiding it by placing an object over it, like a filled square for example... I know its cheap and easy : But it could work for you depending on what you want to do.
  7. interesting... I'm trying to do the same. There should be a way of doing this without using set field, which seems overkill for a table with 488 fields. In my case, I need to archive the old records that will no longer be used. By transfering those to the second table, users will still be able to view the old data in a second layout, while clearing the main table from the records no longer needed there.
  8. have you tried to read the data? If FM won't read it, try excel or access. you could then re-import into FM from those. I used to develop under Dbase, and when clipper came out I recall hearing it handled the DBF format, (not sure if this was a default for all solutions) so I could be wrong...
  9. Hi Guys, I'm new to the forums and already loving it. Here's a little contribution. It uses send event (as mentioned previously) and the cmd command interpreter. Since cmd is built into windows (windows NT and upwards if I recall correctly) it should work across all XP and Vista machines... Maybe the solution can be improved as to show the actual available drive letters? I haven't looked at this in detail but have a feeling that it could be done natively... bye :B create_folder.zip
  10. Hello, do not despair. What you want can be done without even using the conditional format functions, you just have to get creative. I did this a while ago on a Fm4 solution. Basically I used this to launch an external program by clicking on the button (in my case I was launching a second runtime solution from a main one). The button would show up on the layout only if the file of the second runtime was present in the system (the user would install the second solution and the button would show up on the first solution, ready to be launched). I recall I used relationships (yes) and probably a
  11. Hi Vaughan, Glad to learn that others have already taken a similar approach. Personally I think it is an excellent way to deal with updates, so it may be exactly what the original poster is looking for. In my case I can comment that back in 2002 I released a major app for the vertical market using such separation methods. Over the years this has allowed for extremely easy front end application changes, including GUI modifications, the addition of new layouts and even the incorporation of new fields. (I say new fields because, back then when the initial fields were defined in the
  12. Hi John, Your post encouraged me to register in order to share some of my experiences regarding your question. I've been using the FM developer platform for some time now, beginning with version 4. One of the best ways that I've dealt with upgrades is by isolating your solution. What does this mean? It means basically separating your data from any layouts/script, etc generated in the application. This means all fields that will store user generated data go into one (or many) files (which I call data files), while the rest of the stuff (your application basically) goes in
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