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  1. In the PCQB_Demo File, when I click the "Get Customer" button, it will only pull a portion of the customers with the letter A of the first name. It will not pull the whole list of customers. Is this an easy fix? I pull customers so that I can get the QB Id number instead of having to push the customer from FileMaker Pro and creating a duplicate customer or getting an error that I can not push that customer because it already exists. I just use it to capture the QB id number. I have the FM Books Connector plug in installed, I have the license number registered, and I have tested the connec
  2. I would love help. I have looked for someone for counsel, but haven't found anyone. I have been using the inventory table for over a year now, and it works great to track inventory and I linked it to customers, but having trouble with the invoices and payments. Cathy
  3. No, we won't use this database for anything but truck sales. I use quickbooks for misc sales. If I create a separate table for invoices, it will be a one to one join? By stock #? Then invoices is joined to customers? Difficult for a beginner LOL
  4. We have a truck dealership and I am using FM to keep track of inventory and customers. Now I want to create invoices out of FM. Since each inventory item only has one sale (one invoice) and one customer, do I need a separate table for invoices? One customer might buy several trucks, but each would be invoiced separately. Would the invoice just be an attribute of inventory? I am having such trouble getting this to work right. Can anyone help me get this started right. Everything I try doesn't seem to work right. Thanks alot Cathy
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