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  1. On the layout menu Insert Button Under Button Setup Records New Record / Request Place the button where you would like and use away!
  2. Back to looking at this problem. I've attached an example to what I need. Seems like a simple relationship but not working. When I pick a case number in the portal on one record, I need it to show up on the related record's portal as well. test.zip
  3. Thanks Sara. I was updating existing records in an attempt for the wrong purpose. The combination of your advice and validate unique value gave me what I was looking for. Thanks again.
  4. Every week I receive an excel spreadsheet with cases that I import into FileMaker. The excel sheet adds the new cases to the previous weeks' cases. So the sheet keeps growing as new are added. I want the new cases (upon import into FileMaker) to auto enter "Open" in my case status dropdown list. I tried using auto enter data but am having odd results. Often cases that are closed and several years old will show "open" and the new cases will show "Closed". I can't find a pattern to the old cases showing open, so it appears random. Also once the case is closed in the database, I don't want
  5. How about pulling the number after the first dash and before the second on this example: 09-[color:red]789-ROBB-5 In my limited knowledge I got this calculation but it doesnt account for the number in question being either 3 or 4 digits long. Middle (CaseNumber_pkid ; 4 ; 4)
  6. Sure does! Thanks comment... your code descriptions are great. My goal by the end of the month is to arrest someone on a Tiny Tim charge! Thanks for the help and the joke.
  7. Yes. Works fine except for the multiple codes, it shows blank.
  8. Very nice! What about several codes in one excel field - AA,BT,TT - always separated by commas and sometimes by a space after the comma. Is there a way to put them all in one field in the database upon import?
  9. LaRetta, you're a glutton for punishment answering my questions , but I sure am glad you are! When I receive my weekly cases report it is an excel spreadsheet. One of the columns on the spreadsheet is case_code. And it will for example say AA. When I import this weekly report into FileMaker I don't want to see AA in my case code field - I just want to see Aggravated Assault. And often there are multiple charges per case. I was using Substitute with 98% success except for the number letter combos. Your way intrigues me, but loses me as well. Could you show me an example?
  10. I have several codes (example AA, AA1) that are substituted into their full descriptions upon records import. Example AA - Aggravated Assault Everythings great except for the codes with numbers. This is what I want AA1 - Attempted Aggravated Assault This is what I get AA1 - Aggravated Assault1 Whats the trick with the letter number combo?
  11. LaRetta - That is perfect! Thank you so much for your help. I owe you one. David - Thanks for adding another "tool" to my arsenal. Soren - all I can say is wow - I can't even begin to add to that - I'll stick to catching bad guys on the street and leave the database "talk" to you and others much smarter than I. Thanks again.
  12. Now we're getting closer. How do I get all the case numbers with past due active tasks on to one portal? If I take away the relationship CaseNumber::CaseNumberPKID = NextActionForm2:: CaseNumberFKID it shows what I need on one portal but repeats the portal 884 times (number of case number records). Is there a way to keep that portal at one record? Thanks for the field preface tip - I always wondered what those were in other peoples examples. I'll owe you $$ if I keep picking your brain like this.
  13. Tried the changes you suggested [color:red](attached file with changes) and am not getting the result I am looking for. I ultimately want a layout with just a portal on it showing the overdue next actions that are still active. I am understanding the movement of the global fields to the case number table. Now how would the layout be created - would the layout setup get records come from casenumber, nextaction, or nextaction2? Thanks for your patience, I'm getting there! :crazy2: Test.zip
  14. Thanks for everyone's input so far...works great in my main db. I now have another portal that I want to show all tasks that are past due and active. I have the relationship set up as in the attached file, but I am running into the issue of having an unstored field on the child side. Does what I want except I can't delete any records if need be. Any help on the solution would be great. Test.zip
  15. I've attached a very simple file. On the layout with only a portal, I've managed to get it to show all my records on one portal. Now I need it to filter between active and done tasks. LaRetta helped me earlier but I'm still not getting it (after hours of trying). I know its a global field thing. The ultimate goal is for this layout to be the start layout and by a simple glance I know which cases need action. Nothing will be entered on this layout, just provides an overview of ALL cases. This will complete my database so help is greatly appreciated. Test.zip
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