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  1. cwilcox and I are colleagues, and this is a followup post for the general public... I have further modified the custom function to be: GetAccountName ( ) Let ([ name = Get ( AccountName ) ; bsPos = Position ( name ; "" ; 1 ; 1 ) ; atPos = Position ( name ; "@" ; 1 ; 1 ) ]; Case ( bsPos > 0 ; Right ( name ; Length ( name ) - bsPos ) ; /* begins with domain name, e.g. "fas_domain" */ atPos > 0 ; Left ( name ; atPos - 1 ) ; /* ends with FQDN, e.g. "@ad.fas.harvard.edu" */ name ) ) The calculated value for the "modified by" field is: Let ( trigger = <inser
  2. Ahhh... OK. So what I wrote IS redundant, because all client versions (assuming at least 7 and up) will function correctly with a calc written in version 11 that is using the new names for the old functions (they get re-written/translated/digested/whatever automagically), and calcs written in versions prior to 11 will work fine in 11. This is a "built-in" compatibility of sorts based on the fact that calculation code is stored in terms of function IDs and not human readable code. Do I understand this correctly?
  3. Wait, so a file with a calculation using "Get(CurrentPrivilegeSetName)" in FM11 is not read as "Get(PrivilegeSetName)" when opened/used in FM10? That is what I meant when I said "forward compatibility".
  4. You are absolutely correct. I just wasn't sure how FM10 knew to make the "translation" in a formula that originated in FM11. Was it an update to version 10? We have a mixed environment of clients with versions going back to 8.5 in some rare cases. I figured that this forwards compatibility didn't extend back to versions prior to 10. I may be wrong in this assumption, and may have "recreated the wheel" as you have implied. I haven't had a chance to test my assumption. I guess I'll report back when I do.
  5. I'm not sure I follow. Could you give me a scenario where one would get differing results in differing versions? The definitions of these functions in versions 10 and 11 seem to be almost identical, with no apparent difference (to me) in actuality.
  6. For those who have a really mixed client version environment: GetClientVersion(){ GetAsNumber ( ( RightWords( Get(ApplicationVersion) ; 1 ) ) ) } GetCurrentPrivilegeSetName(){ If ( GetClientVersion() < 11; Evaluate( "Get(PrivilegeSetName)" ); Evaluate( "Get(CurrentPrivilegeSetName)" ) ) } GetCurrentExtendedPrivileges(){ If ( GetClientVersion() < 11; Evaluate( "Get(ExtendedPrivileges)" ); Evaluate( "Get(CurrentExtendedPrivileges)" ) ) } GetActivePortalRowNumber(){ If ( GetClientVersion() &l
  7. I say try it on one machine first. These patches are so small (~50kb), methinks they just regenerate the certs properly and don't touch the rest of your FM installation. Should be OK. I'm sure FM Inc. tested these patches. They better have... Oh, and... I don't think there's a need to install these if you have a valid cert file that was generated during an install with the system clock set before Sept. 22nd, 2008. If you copied a cert file instead of generating a new one by changing your system date back, I suggest you run the patch. It's generally a bad idea to have the same ce
  8. OK. YOU solved the problem and I helped. I'm sure I could have figured it out sooner if I didn't have to rebuild AV's DT and McAfee didn't crap all over our VNC setup on 90 machines. It was a great find though. :clap:
  9. Looking at the date of the original post, I may be off on the exact date this thing should have started. Perhaps it's slightly different for each platform. Anyway, try the solution and see what happens...
  10. See my last post here: http://fmforums.com/forum/showtopic.php?tid/198157/fromactivity/topics/
  11. It is in fact an SSL issue. I fixed the problem by replacing the server.pem SSL certificate file with one from a working system. While this is a full working solution, it comes with a caveat. This will allow you to leave SSL encryption enabled, but having the same cert on multiple client machines is generally a bad idea. On Win: -Replace server.pem at the "Program Files > FileMaker > FileMaker " directory. On Mac: -Replace server.pem at the "Applications > FileMaker > FileMaker .app > Contents > MacOS" directory. Note: A *.app (application) package can be a
  12. I now have another machine with the problem. It's running OS X Tiger. I upgraded from FMP 8.5 to 9 and now it's toast. -HUIT
  13. The reason that your desktop shortcuts are opening in FM9 is because the FMP7 network protocol is still associated with FM9. This association happened when you installed FM9. There is no such thing as an FMP9 protocol. The fp7 file extension association is unrelated. To change the association... On Mac: -Download and install "More Internet" (http://www.monkeyfood.com/software/MoreInternet/) -Use it (appears in Mac preferences) to change the association. On Win: -Use the registry editor to edit the key at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREClassesFMP7shellopencommand As for your o
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