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  1. I use the same method as stated above, the login script does a find with the account name, taking the user to his record. The user access doesn't allow him any method to navigate to another record. Manuel
  2. Actually I got it working, the problem was that IWP was reporting the wrong error. It would give me a message saying that the user did not have access to the database. In fact, my script creating the user was broken and would not enter the proper password when creating the user in the LDAP. Took me awhile to figure it out, would have helped if IWP properly reported that login credentials were wrong instead of pointing to a privilege issue. I don't understand what you are saying that LDAP is not related to the external authentication. I create my users in LDAP and they authenticate
  3. I have setup my FileMaker Server 9 Advanced IWP setup to authentication via a OS X server. I wanted to have every user on the OS X Server to have access to the database so I have made the group "staff" have full access to the database. This is not a security issue as this OS X server is solely used for users of this database. Now my problem is, I added new users to the OS X Server's ldap, and they ARE in the staff group, however, none of the new users can access the database. I know that for the previous users, the database IS using the LDAP's user base for authentication because t
  4. I'm using applescript because I need the database to interact with the underlying OS X Server's LDAP. I do some of that interaction with scodigo's smartpill but some of it I do in applescript, such as creating users and groups. Manuel
  5. Yes I did look it up, thanks. I wasn't aware of the distinction between document and database, that will solve alot of my headaches. However specifying the table name hasn't solved my problem. this script tell application "FileMaker Pro Advanced" tell database "Task_Manager" tell table "Task_Manager" set taskcount to count (every record whose cell "Status" = "Active" end tell end tell end tell still fails if the Task_Manager database is not the frontmost FM window, otherwise it works fine. thanks Manuel
  6. thanks for the info I'll give that a try, will make my code cleaner. Manuel
  7. Here is the problem I am having, lets say I have a database with 6 records, and in those records is a field called "Status". Now lets say the first 4 records have the "Status" field set to "done" and the last 2 have it set at "Active". Now, if I do the following (show every record whose field "Status" = "Active"), it will give me a found set with just the last 2 records. But if I then try to loop thru these 2 records and extract info this way: repeat with i from 1 to 2 set New_Client to field "Customer_info" of record i end repeat I will get the value from the records with
  8. I am was trying to extract the data from a specific field from the found set done by my (show all records whose...). Anyway I figured it out, the database must be the frontmost window otherwise the script gives the error. I just pop the window to the front in the script before calling this routine. Thanks Manuel
  9. I have the following script step Tell application "FileMaker Pro Advanced" Tell Database "MyDatabase" set TheResult to field "Status" of (every record whose cell "TheFlag" = TheVariable) End tell End tell This will work once or twice then give me a "event not handled" error. And that is with the same values for TheVariable. I have used different ways to refer to this info, calling "whose cell 8 = TheVariable" etc... The result is all the same, it works once then will give an event not handled. Any ideas?
  10. Found it, just make a bogus text field and use the set field command, IWP will download the file that is in the container and not even touch your bogus field. Set Field [MyBogusTextField; ContainerFieldWithFile] Manuel
  11. Ok lets say I connect to my database via IWP using this URL: **http://myserver.mycompany.com/fmi/iwp/cgi?-db=MyDB&-loadframes This first takes me to the authentication screen, then to my database. Is there a way to add a tag to the URL that could be passed into a script in the database, example: Ok lets say I connect to my database via IWP using this URL: **http://myserver.mycompany.com/fmi/iwp/cgi?-db=MyDB&-loadframes&record=2766 so that for example the login script of MyDB could pickup that 2766 and take the user to that record automatically? Th
  12. I try to use the get(screenwidth) function in IWP and it gives me 640x480 despite me being logged in on a 1920x1200 MacBook Pro. Is there anyway for IWP to poll the screen resolution of the client machine? Manuel
  13. I am trying to get the same thing done, if you figure it out pls post here, thank you Manuel
  14. I have a container field with an embedded file in it. I host the database via IWP. Now the users can click on the text of the filename in the container window, and the file will download to their machines and open. This is the behaviour I want. I would like to be able to trigger this via a script, so that I could make a button the user clicks on, and that gives the same result as though the user clicked on the file/container field. Thanks Manuel
  15. Figured it out, just have to add aim:// at start of URL and Open URL will leave it as is. Manuel
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