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  1. Hi amgdba I was wondering how you got around this on FMS9? We are likely to start developing something (using FMS9 server scripts) that needs to pull data back from a MySQL database. I've no experience of using ODBC drivers with FM. Can you simply perform a Find and loop through the result set, doing what you want (in my case an insert of the MySQL data into our FM database)? I envisage a FM server script running periodically to pull data from our webhosted MySQL database back into FM. Thanks for looking Tim
  2. I am pleased to say this has been resolved. There was nothing wrong with the field definitions nor TO relationships. The issue was file references. For whatever reason, whilst file references using fmnet work from the client, they were not working from the server. Making these relative fixed the issue for the server script and has had no detrimental effect for the clients. Tim
  3. Siblings! What was I thinking? I meant to say children. I would upload the original files but they are very large (this db has been in operation for years). So I tried to replicate the problem by setting up a small example db and guess what ... this work fine, the script runs fine on the client AND the server! The only immediate difference I can see is that everything is contain in this one example db file, whereas the real environment is 3 separate db files. I have attached this example db, but of course it works! However if you can see any likely cause for the problem I would
  4. Hi I have a calculated field that successfully returns a value when accessed via a script run on the client, however when the same script is run as a FM Server(8) script, it is not returning values. The calculated field is unstored and performs an aggregate function based on a TO relationship (simply, count the number of siblings of this parent). Again, when I run this on the client it works, but as soon as it runs on the server the calculated field returns nothing. FYI the script is running in one database and is accessing the parent table and sibling in another database.
  5. Hmmm ... having searched I can see the STARTTSL is to do with secure sockets. Sure enough my Mac Mail settings confirm I am using Port25 and Use SSL with Password authentication. Is it possible to use the Scriptmaster function with SSL - if so how? Now I'm really out of my depth.
  6. I can do that when reinstating the find (and use GTRR) but the method for "saving" the find is driven from the form with the tabs on it and hence has the same challenge. I don't fancy rewriting the interface to end up with more forms and scripts if I can avoid it. I'm experimenting with placing an object at the start of each tab and then having looped around all the fields on a tab, using the goto object to jump to the next tab - this looks to be working. Its not elegant but is a decent compromise as it works for the save and find, means you don't have to name every object and allo
  7. Funny you mention this because that is the method I have inherited. I am integrating the Stored Finds code from Nightwing into my solution and this uses that method. It works well but doesn't cope with fields over multiple tabs (as in the tab-control), as goto next field appears to cycle around the fields on the current tab. The code is extracting the field from a string into a variable hence I was hoping to goto a field based on that variable. Alternatively is there a way to goto next field and have this follow the complete tab order. Say fields 1-10 are in tab1 and fields 11+ a
  8. Thanks for this - seems to work a treat. I now just have to name a ton of fields - its a shame that by default object name isn't created. Maybe things are different in 9? Regards
  9. Hi there Is there any way to goto a field where that field is currently in stored in a $variable? Thanks for any leads ... Tim
  10. Have also found http://fmforums.com/forum/showtopic.php?tid/198297/post/304164/hl/portal+scroll/fromsearch/1/#304164 It seems a popular way to make buttons appear/disappear is the 1 record relationship technique, however I'm doing this in a Portal, will that work "in" Portal? Best I try ...
  11. Have found this which might be a help - still working through it http://fmforums.com/forum/showtopic.php?tid/198234/post/303977/hl/visibility/fromsearch/1/#303977
  12. Hi all - as part of my portal, I am using a calculated field to return either a value or a "blank". What I want to achieve is to then assign a button(script) to that field in the portal, but for this to only be there when there is a value present i.e. if there is a value the hand cursor should appear and the button can be pressed, whereas "blank" doesn't result in the hand cursor nor the ability to press the button. At the moment no matter if there is a value or not, the hand cursor is appearing and the button can be triggered. Clearly this is happening because the field is still the
  13. Yes, in fact all the files are on the same server - I am not sure why then the ip address was included in the reference. If I can remove them, and nothing breaks across our network, then this in future this will make taking a copy for development a breeze! In the meantime whilst I'm not at work I'd like to get up and running on the standalone machine. This is not networked so yep, I guess I can look to change my ip address - although this is where I admit that I don't know where to look to do so and I don't want to stuff up my internet access and firewalls etc:) Thanks for your time.
  14. Hi - here is the scenario ... we run a fm 8.5 db at work that is made up of around 20 separate files all linked together using file references and fm network sharing. Effectively I am trying to make a copy of this set up so that I can do some development work. Having taken a copy of the files onto a non-networked machine I am finding that opening the files is virtually impossible. FM detects the network is missing and eventually prompts to locate the file, but after doing this two or three times then appears to hang. Is there anyway to open the files but to halt the process befo
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