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  1. You might check the format by opening the file from Photoshop in Quicktime and re-exporting from Quicktime Pro. I couldn't tell you why FileMaker isn't seeing it, but at least you could verify or eliminate funky Photoshop export errors as the base problem.
  2. I'm not sure I understand exactly what you mean. I tested in FMP8A, FMP9A and FMP10A, and all had the same response and results for me. I could not log in using anything other than the furnished names, and the restricted users didn't have Accounts and Priviledges access.
  3. Triple-Double-Hot-Dog guaranteed it is the backup files being copied. Live files are sacred. Thank you for checking on me, though.
  4. I recently discovered the same issue, after taking on a new project. I wrote an automator workflow to copy and rename the backup files to another folder on the hard drive, then make a copy of the files to an external drive, for a redundant backup. It eats up space quick, but I think I'm safe writing my weekly files to a DVD and deleting the backups. FileMaker is scheduled to backup at 6am and 6pm daily.iCal and an applescript trigger the workflow at 11pm each night.
  5. We all growled a lot about the first release of OS X, but it has matured over time to be much more useful than I would have thought. I suspect this new FMP iteration will eventually mature in much the same way. I think they're off to a good, if not clumsy, start.
  6. I agree with Mr. Blackwell that his is an awkward and potentially dangerous configuration at best, but if you are constrained to use this configuration, I recommend either running an applescript with a timer delay to launch FMS on login, or if your server is started automatically each day, you can have iCal run an applescript with or without a delay to launch FMS, at a specific time.
  7. For me, the most frequently overlooked truism is that the projects we build are for use by an end user, not the developer. In my particular case, the fact that the Status Toolbar LOOKs friendlier than the old status area means that my end users will find it easier to learn to use. If I have to learn some new skills or techniques to safely and effectively implement it's use, that seems to be an additional bonus for me, as a developer.
  8. So, since I can get to the remote files in FMP8a, and not in FMP9a, I should wait for updater validation before updating FMP9a?
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