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  1. Thanks Siroos, yes I believe it did, thank you. But the more I get into this, the more I see I will need going forward. btw, not sure how to mark "as solved"
  2. Thanks siroos, my PO file has line items including part ID number , description, units, costs per unit, which is all related. I have added some files for this and test records, but not sure how this works. A PO has only one vendor thus only parts from that vendor will be in the line items. Actually I started out with FM Starting Point solution from about 2011 or 2012, and modified their Invoice solution as our Purchase Order. I have attached here. Purchase Orders Clone.fmp12 PO Sample.fmp12
  3. Thanks Siroos, I'm thinking now I will need to take this to a new different level of table occurrences and relationships. Maybe instead of creating value lists, create a vendor table that lists for each vendor, parts ID, parts description, unit and price plus inventory tables for each part. Its starting to get complicated for a fm beginner. Be nice if their was already a template for this kind of solution?
  4. We have multiple vendors and each vendor has parts / materials / components we purchase from them. Issue is the value list for our Purchase Order forms is now has so too many entries, too the point its not useful. Is their a way to create a script that pulls up a different set of value list based upon the vendor selected? Or is their a different way of handling this for creating purchase orders?
  5. The original question by Ziphus was given a few options but I think not all. One by someone trying to sell him their services and the other solution maybe not applicable. I am in the same situation. And their is a option to host your filemaker DB on a linux server. You would need a VPS server (dedicated if you have the money), instal the windows emulator Wine on the linux sever. The instal filemaker windows version using the install features in Wine. Next in Filemaker install ODBC for a live connection to the MySQL database that your website uses. Build the FM database from this ODBC connectio
  6. Thanks Lee, please contact me at heltonsdesigns@gmail.com
  7. We are a manufacturer, and have a new product line that we expect to start production next year. We manufacture components that will later be assembled by the buyer. Sales will be through a e-commerce web site. The factory will receive the orders and generate a production order. Each order or product sale is a combination of about 5 different components out of a possible 60 different components. The database will have a product catalog, production job orders and tracking, costing, inventory, shipping including UPS shipping labels, and employee time cards. We are a US based company with oversea
  8. Lets say you dont necessarily have the FM skills to build such a database, but could develop those skills over time. Meaning grow the database as the company grows. How would you recommend framing the architecture (I guess DBMS), so to allow this way of building a database?
  9. Many thanks for your reply, LaRetta.This is good to know before proceeding with the idea of creating our accounting system in Filemaker. Im thinking simple in the fact we are a manufacturer and everything is manufactured on a component level, so even if we only building about 30 different components, the end customer can order and assemble different components to put together a custom piece. BTW, everyone's probably thinking computers but its actually furniture. Im building our database for customers, invoicing, inventory, manufacturing in Filemaker. The biggest hurdle is the manufacturing
  10. Not sure where to pose this question, but it looks like I will need to do some accounting the old fashion way of using the 4 digit codes and Debit/Credit principals. I think most accounting programs now have either dropped this support or maybe poorly implemented? But this shouldnt be a problem if your developing a fairly simple accounting system in Filemaker, right?
  11. Hi Joe, Have you tried this yet? Has anyone tried FM10A on a netbook? Im working with a college student to help me develop some solutions in Filemaker, and before I purchase a copy of FM10A from the school. Maybe the university IT students would know or what does Filemaker say about system requirements?
  12. rmanh

    Home Budgets

    My thoughts along the same lines, creating additional tables. But need to dig deeper into your idea here to understand, accounting I understand some just because of having businesses before. Yes I have also used Quicken for many years. Now I am in a different country with currency and accounting method that's not supported in Quicken and even after reviewing the latest Quickbooks 10 multi-currency, im not sure its the answer. My experience in this country is the government prefers accounting reports based upon their forms and their methods. I think Filemaker could give me much more flexibility
  13. rmanh

    Home Budgets

    Thanks very much for your help LaRetta, your explanations are very clear and easy to understand. Now that we have been able to change the name of all this tab/occurrences, Im thinking now is not to add sub-categories to the "home budgets" current layouts but to add additional tables for each expense type. Then create new layouts for this. The end results is something like Quicken does with its Categories and sub-categories. So I can have reports based upon different item expenditures. Does this makes sense? Please any advice/direction would be greatly appreciated for doing this.
  14. rmanh

    Home Budgets

    Ok, figured that part out now, thanks very much. Now how do I "And then rename the tab label on the layout"? I have been able to rename this "living expensives" tab directly in edit layout only when that tab is selected. But when that Tab is not selected it reverts back to the original name. If I go to Tab Control Setup their is no way to edit the tab names their, as the tab names are not displayed.
  15. rmanh

    Home Budgets

    Not sure best topic for this problem, but I would like to modify one of the pre-built starter solutions in FM10: Home Budgets. I am adding dates and sub-categories fields to the different categories. Current problem is changing the name of the "LivingExpenses" to "MaterialExpenses" in the related tables that is listed in the "Portal Setup". The drop down list shows more tables than their is when I go to manage database, 2 verses 5 tables. Where do I find the these related tables? I think for all the pre-built in functions to work every occurrence of "LivingExpenses" must be renamed.
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