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  1. I had to create a privilege set for users that can only view/edit information for one client and all it's related work orders. If no initial find is performed the user is brought to the full record list, 95% of which have fields populated with <>. I created an onlayoutload script that will perform a find to weed out these annoying records if the privilegesetname matches the group in question and totalrecordcount = foundcount. It got a little annoying to put this on every layout. And it had to be done on 2 separated files that connects clients to work orders. Is there a b
  2. My boss found the solution which is to repeat "&body=" for each line of the body. This wasn't obvious to me so hopefully it will save someone else time.
  3. Hi, I'm using FM9 and the Open URL function to open a mailto: link and populate the subject and body in the user's email client. The body needs to have line breaks. However, on PCs the Paragraph character doesn't do anything and I've tried r and n for return and newline but that prints the literal string r and n. So then I tried using the hex value %0D which works on PCs but prints the literal string %0D on Macs. Is there a character code I should be using or a better way of accomplishing this? Thanks Here's the code called inside Open URL: "mailto:" & Dis
  4. Thanks I'll try the GTRR. For the record I do have other relations set up by ID but I only posted the jist of the problem to make it easier to explain.
  5. Hi all, Each client/prospect (about 12,000 records) in our database is assigned to a salesperson. Users in the sales group should only be able to see their own clients but other groups are not limited. I tried achieving this by editing the sales privilege set to be able to view records where the AccountName of the user logged in matches the salesrep username assigned to the client. This does work but without doing a find, the total # of records returned is the full 12000 (not the 150 average you would expect for a sales person) and all of them are browseable but most of them just d
  6. Hi Colin, I'm not sure I follow this line. I already have a TO joining file 1 and 2 by "F Code Package Id" which seems to be bringing up the related records in the related items window. Is there a different way to make a relation across files?
  7. Thanks for your responses. I implemented your suggestions but it does not have any effect. I've also attached a screenshot showing that the related records display while the loop iterates on the original layout in the background. I don't see why this should be happening!
  8. I tried that it didn't seem to make a difference. I also tried selecting the related record in the loop to ensure it was always the one on top. It remains on top and I see the related records but it's still iterating through the original layout instead. I also tried opening the related file first in the script and committing my global field before the loop as well as just getting rid of that line altogether. That also made no difference. Open File["pricelist01"] Set Error Capture[On] Set Variable[$window; Value:"related items"] Go to Related Record[show only related records; From ta
  9. Hi all, I have an issue with my script in its earliest stages. I go to related records and try to loop through them to simply display the values in a dialog box (with the intention of actually doing something with the fields later). After the first related record, the loop continues on the original layout instead of the next related record. In one instance, there are 4 related records and I can see them returned correctly in the other window but the last 3 are ignored. I have to hit esc multiple times to stop the script and I am returned to the original layout somewhere in the middle o
  10. We just received two new laptops running Leopard (10.5.5). When we open Filemaker and go to connect remotely, the production server running on a Mac (OS X 10.4.11 running Filemaker Server Advance v9.0.3.325) does not appear but the development Windows server (Windows 2003 SP2 running Filemaker Server Advanced v9.0.2.151) does appear. We have tried downgrading the OS on both laptops and have tested 10.5.4 and 10.5 and are still unable to view files on the Mac server. OS 10.5.4, however, is able to view files from both servers. Has anyone seen this before? Is there a fix for this? Wi
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