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  1. No problem Lee. And thanks Comment. I added the summary to Line Items and made the script step. Solved.
  2. I have a found set of invoice records using a search for line items matching "paper widgets". Each record has multiple line items but only one line with "paper widgets". "Paper widgets" may have varying quantities on each record. I want to get a summary count of "paper widgets" or the sum total $ across the found set. What script steps could do this? Thanks.
  3. I haven't tested. Not upgraded to v16. I develop and maintain just one FM solution in my company. It is about 10 years old and is kept up to date and feature rich. I'm just doing my homework before upgrading. Soon, I will get into testing. I guess I should call 360works. They are really great people and located only about 20 miles from our business.
  4. This is in the changeling for SC which, if correct, seems to indicate a real and positive move forward same as the other 360works plugins. Version 2.9501 (5/10/2017) Companion plug-in now runs on latest 360Works plug-in platform, with these features: *No longer requires Java installation *Can use plugin functions as script steps with a user-friendly GUI for specifying parameters *Better error reporting in scripts *Compatible with FileMaker Cloud *Better compatibility with FileMaker Server for Perform Script on Server and scheduled scripts *Each plugin runs in a separate process, increasing
  5. Thanks sijmons. I did read this on 360works site today. "The SuperContainer Companion Plugin has been updated with new features for FileMaker 16. It is available as a minor point upgrade, at no additional cost for existing SuperContainer license holders." I hope there are plans to do a full update to SC. It really is so much easier to work with than FM containers. Would be nice to hear some official word posted here. And Bruce, you're correct. I should have mentioned 360works in the title. Didn't think about that because this is the Supercontainer forum.
  6. I didn't see any specific mention of SC in the new platform for FM16. Just that all plugins are compatible. What does this mean? Is this the end of the road for SC?
  7. pinging to bring this up again with a visual. This started happening in the middle of the day and has persisted since then. The extra return is in Filemaker, but is not in the mysql data. Anyone have a clue?
  8. We have a mysql table in FM that seems as though it could be reacting to a FM bug. I don't think this field has been altered recently, but something changed on Oct the 7th, 2016. The field contains 1 to 7 lines of text. There are no extra returns after each line of text. Not in the mysql data. Not in Filemaker. Suddenly on the 7th, the data has an extra return for each line of text. Field format settings look correct. First part of the day it was like this: Line 1 Line 2 Line 3 Line 4 and then it suddenly changed to Line 1 Line 2 Line 3
  9. Thanks to all. David's solution is correct. Man, how easy it is to miss the small things.
  10. I have run the Script Debugger multiple times comparing successful page and unsuccessful. It fails at line 2 of the first script. It opens the wrong layout. I can't get past that. But, I did not use the Data Viewer (doh). It is returning unusual data at line 2 which the other layouts are not. Name: rtd_orders::insert_date Value: 8/18/2016 Type: Date That's an old date. Making your suggested changes (which i did, thanks) doesn't matter because it never gets to that script because the first script opens the wrong layout.
  11. This is the new window script that works on all layouts except the Orders List layout: Sales Orders Scripts: Sales Orders Payments: PP - Goto Payments Layout New Window [ Style: Document; Name: "Paypal Payments IPN"; Top: 0; Left: 300; Close: Yes; Minimize: Yes; Maximize: Yes; Zoom Control Area: Yes; Resize: Yes ] Go to Layout [ “Paypal Payments” (paypal_ipn_orders) ] This script trigger runs on layout enter: Sales Orders Scripts: Sales Orders Payments: PP - Open List - Adjust Window Resize to Fit Show ... Allow User Abort [ On ] Show All Records
  12. I have a Payments List View layout that can be opened from any layout using: New Window . . . Go to Layout . . . Except this one other List View layout. It just ends up as a new window of the same layout. New Window . . . Go to Layout . . . will not open any other layout. Driving me nuts. What causes this? FM15 Advanced
  13. All week I have read up on how to set the variable and set the fields in a loop and cannot figure this out. This is my first try at the Let function. It's pretty versatile. It's hard to find examples of how to use it all together in a script. Could you give an example of Set Variable and Set Field using Loop and your rules?
  14. Ah. You are right about the commas. I got mixed up with the previous extraction being one field. The Quantity is a separate field from the rest of the infos in the source and it is joined in the export. Yes, "},{" would give us a carriage return to loop. I can restructure the data a bit that may give a consistent structure by placing Item_ID at the start like this: [{"":"2","unique:2[]":"00254 | Machines | 2.75’’x5.25’’ (1390-LAB 3) vinyl laminated 290 4 to a sheet"},{"":"34","unique:2[]":"00249 | Misc | 2.75’’x1.236’’ (Proudly Built) vinyl laminated 290"},{"":"10","unique:2[]":"002
  15. And now for part 2 and final of this extraction. We have another text field that is very similar, but has some distinct differences. The text contains a series of data to be placed in Line Items. Each Line item looks like this: Item_ID Description Quantity The imported data always looks like the following example for 3 line items, but there could be many more. Commas separate each set of line items. There will never be a comma elsewhere. [{"":"2","unique:2[]":"Machines | 00254 | 2.75’’x5.25’’ (1390-LAB 3) vinyl laminated 290 4 to a sheet"},{"":"34","unique:2[]":
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