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  1. Thanks for the help. Base Elements was the solution. Had to work through the file reference difference between BE and FMP. Once that was resolved, it worked perfectly.
  2. My app creates a new PDF. I want the app to append to this new PDF another PDF that is stored on the database but was created outside of FM Pro. The Save Records as PDF (with Append) function does not seem to apply in this situation. I'm looking for suggestions on how I might implement this functionality within FM Pro 18. The app is a standalone app running on Windows 10. Thank you.
  3. Thanks, bcoony. Problem resolved. Appreciate the guidance. HJ
  4. I have a table of Transactions that are grouped by Batch Number, for several Types of transactions. I want to create a portal that contains only the Batch Numbers of Open Transactions, and I need the portal to contain each Open Batch Number only once. See the attachment for a representation of all transactions, and the desired portal view. I'm looking for guidance on how accomplish this using data relationships, if possible, so that the portal will show the currently Open Batch Numbers whenever a Batch is changed from Open to Closed, or new Open Transactions are added. Thank y
  5. Thanks much. Specifying the full path resolved it for me.
  6. I'm running FM Pro 11 and recently installed it on a new Windows 7 laptop. Now a script that executes wget no longer works. See attached file for the error. I have installed wget in the Windows/System32 directory and that directory is in the PATH. I can sucessfully execute the batch file that contains the wget outside of FM Pro; it fails however when it is executed in a script (send event) Any ideas? Thanks.
  7. My issue is resolved. I abandoned the XML import and solved it with a CSV approach. Thanks. Unc
  8. I'm attempting to import a single XML record set (see attachment)XML_In.bmp. I've tried using the example XSLT provided by FM msdso_elem.xslt.txtwhich works fine for records that have even the simplest hierarchy. If I add another layer to the incoming XML , for example, AccountRecord like this: <Account> <AccountRecord> <AvailableCashBalance> . etc. . . </AccountRecord> </Account> then the sample XSLT works fine. The XML stream that I get form HTTPS however does not have this kind of hierarchy; I'm always given the structure tha
  9. Pretty Pro: I'm attempting to use InsideScan 2.5 trial version beta with my Panini I:Deal check scanner. The InsideScan Acquire function does not seem to be able to interact with this scanner. I'm able to execute many of the plugin functions. It gets to the scanner as it turns it's activity light to yellow but does not seem to have the ability to enable the scanner's ready state (green light) to start scanning. My email requests to InsideScan support have been ignored. Is there anything in your experience that would shed light on the behavior of the plugin? Thanks.
  10. Thanks for responding ... this seems to be the kind of software I need. I'll let you know how it goes...
  11. moved the plimware.dll to the FM program folder. No longer getting the same message. Next step is to find out how to access the functionality of this plug-in.
  12. I found a rather old forum posting that offered a download of a plug-in in order to interact with a Magtek scannner. I downloaded the demo. I'm getting a message that plimus.dll is missing. I messaged the author but no response after a week. The software that I download does appear to some of the funtionality I'll need. See attachment. I haven't been able to find anything concrete related to plimus.dll. Does anyone know if it is available? My project is to attach a scanner to capture donation checks, including the check image. This is not a point of sale application but r
  13. I figured out how to do the roll-up on a list view. I can now produce the desired report on a Layout, and give the user the option to extract to a tab-delimited file. This has raised another roll-up question: I want to display to the user the Count of the number of lines in the roll-up. The roll-up is defined in a sub-summary Part. How can I get at such a Count? Thank you.
  14. I have tables named Posting and Donations. There can be any number of Donations within a Posting. Donations represent checks identified by Donor ID, Date and Check Number. Checks are assigned to a Team Member (another table.) However, Checks can be "split" meaning shared by multiple Team members. In a split, the application creates multiple Donation records (1 for each team member sharing the donation) with amounts reduced to reflect the sharing - the Donation amounts for the same check number will always total the Check Amount of check. I want to produce a report and an extract (e.g
  15. Issue resolved. Setting the global filter prior to going the layout resolved it. Thanks.
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