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  1. I'm running FMPA 16.02.205 and ScriptMaster 5.05 in MacOS 10.12.6. ScriptMaster doesn't retain the activation state from one start of the app to another. It's not totally consistent either. Any ideas why the activation of the plug-in isn't being retained between app restarts?
  2. igservices

    Runtime not finding SM Function?

    Make sure the ScriptMaster Plugin is in the Extensions folder of your Runtime.
  3. igservices

    Importing excel file into Checkbox

    If you separate the incoming values for the fields with return(s), each line is treated as a separate checked box when looked at with the Checkbox field type. If the data is strung on the same line, it won't match any predefined values for the check boxes and therefore nothing will be checked.
  4. igservices

    Import Scripting for a Runtime app

    Thomas, Addressing your table to table import: Import records from the open file specifying the source table and the target table, set the fields to match and you are off. It works brilliantly for me (if I may say so). You might use the "fmnet://.fp7" file designation since you have the file open and that way it isn't looking for a file in some specific place should you move it.
  5. igservices

    Importing multiple files

    I'm running into this very problem. I need to import a bunch of differently named excel files processing each one separately. Would you post your solution for Window please? Thank you in advance

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