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  1. I'm working on a mobile version of our website for iPhone, Blackberry and Android. The iPhone is perfect because I can just show the PDF in a web page like I do on a regular browser. Blackberry and Android devices are kind of a pain because they don't support in-browser PDF reading. You have to save them and read them with a third party PDF reader. The problem is that by using the method in Jonathan Stark's book (pdf.php?-url="pdf field information" then $fm->getContainerData($_GET["-url"])Wink you show a PDF, so the Blackberry and Android just fail when I click on my link. Is the
  2. Well I eventually managed to pulled it off without coming back here and kind of forgot about this thread, but we ended up dropping that for storing the name of the various image on the database and loading the image from the local disk. (So let's say the database outputs that the database needs to picture 1, 4 and 8, I have about 24 images all number-named to fit what's on the database.
  3. Okay, this might be a little bit complicated. I'm trying to save an image taking from a container field to my local disk. I know it's possible to save a picture to a specific location with PHP but I can't pull it off with a URL that gets an image from the FileMaker database. That's because I need to insert this pic into a PDF created with TCPDF and TCPDF requires perfect HTML in order to work, meaning calling makes it fail and tell me image.php? isn't a picture.(I know it's not the exact line). Now I can't really save the pictures locally and just put a reference to it in the databa
  4. I have no idea what the hell you mean by "In general PHP find is interesting task and some explanations at moment I'm writing down." and I can't force clients to drop IE. Aside from that, I just learned you can search a layout and get information from a different layout, which is exactly what I needed. I removed just about every portal and other unnecessary info from my print layout. Now I just need to find out how to setResultLayout() for a CompoundFind. EDIT Problem solved to some extent. I search my main layout but show result from another layout with only 3 fields and 1 portal (
  5. I'm a little stumped here. We're trying to get a version of our application that would be 100% web and would cost MUCH less, allowing us attract small companies or companies with money problems. One of the main features our of software is the ability to print the list of produts(It's a database filled with that client's toxic product to print MSDSs and labels). Now in FileMaker it's pretty much instantaneous. In PHP it's a completely different story. While I have no problem making a list of 25 products with a previous and next buttons, the problems arise when I'm trying to load the l
  6. Interesting idea Baloo. That allows you to quickly show information, while the additional stuff loads. Unfortunately it can't help me here, since I'm actually searching, but I'll keep this in mind. Anyway, on the official FileMaker forum, I was told it was normal, but to send my database and that they would test it out. I still haven't gotten around to doing that, but once I do and get an answer, I'll share the result.
  7. I'm actually as baffled as you are. Since I'm doing 25 requests to the database, and the field is in a portal that has 4 different block of information, that means I'm actually requesting a big chunk of text 100 times. By separating the field into 10 smaller fields, I'm now requesting a total of 1000 smaller fields instead of 100 big ones, and somehow, it loads nearly instantly, instead of taking 20 seconds. I guess it's because of the way the PHP API analyzes the fields. It could be a bug. I asked on the official FileMaker forums to see if a developer knows anything about this.
  8. Haha. That was a year ago. I had actually never noticed I had gotten a reply. Anyway, that was back when I didn't know how to gather data from portals, but I do now. Thanks for the help anyway.
  9. I'm only loading 25 of them in my list. I'm not loading them all. It loads instantly if I remove the huge fields from the layout but it takes about 20 seconds if it's there. I'm pretty sure it has to do with the content of the field. Anyway, I tried splitting the field into 10 smaller fields and go a much better result, loading times being between 1 and 2 seconds.
  10. So, I have a database that gets his informations from another database, then I load information from that first database. There are fields on it that are huge, and contain up to 8 pages text if it was a standard text document. When I load my list of records I need to download between 50 and 100 of these records and it turns a 2 seconds search into a 30 seconds search. Really not user friendly. Anything I can do to help the loading speeds?!f
  11. I'm opening a page on my website that shows the informations of a specific record and I'd like to have a next and previous button. How do I pull it off? I notice there's no GetNextRecord() function. I'm using AJAX to show the data, so since everything is brought back by the PHP, it's hard to actually do something with javascript and mess around with arrays, like I originally tried to. Is there an easy way to do this? I spent the whole day on this yesterday trying various solutions but I couldn't pull it off. I was planning on trying with setRange today. EDIT I'm currently toyin
  12. I'm currently working through the admin section I talked about in my other thread and I'm having some encoding problems. I'm french canadians so I'm gonna have to use characters like é and à. FireFox can insert the characters without any problems. IE fails and doesn't insert anything. If I utf8_encode() my string, it works in flawlessly in IE but FireFox changes the characters to some other form of encoding, like é becomes é. Right now I use an IF that detects IE and UTF8_encode the string if it's IE, but it would be better to work without that. Changing the website's charset to ISO
  13. It's ok Fitch. I figured you made a mistake. Good idea Baloo. I will do that, and make everyone parameters layout admin only.
  14. I have a website that where admin can allow or not login without passwords(for read-only accounts). The admin section requires a password. On the account that a client would require login for everyone, I don't want him to have to relogin when he tries to enter the admin section. I was thinking about storing the privilege set in a variable after the login and verify if it's the proper one when one tries to enter the admin section, and if not, redirect to the login. EDIT So I just read on other places and it does seem you can't do it without a field on your database. That's unfortunate.
  15. This is for FileMaker, isn't it? I'm looking for the PHP function.
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