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  1. In 'If (Calculation Field 1 = "Five" , Printer 1, Empty)' If the field 'Calculation Field 1 has The word 'Five' in it, then the field which has this code should have the term 'Printer 1' input? If 'Calculation Field 1' has anything else, the field with this code should have nothing input into it? Am I reading this code correctly? If so, It isn't reporting a true event. Any thoughts?
  2. Hello Again, I'm finding that the code provided saves just fine, but it is not doing anything. Any thoughts? Thanks,
  3. Many Thanks! Yes I am not familiar with naming conventions in the programming world. I know I have a lot to learn. I will give this a try. Thanks again.
  4. Hello, I'm an artist, and would ask your patience with me in regard to programming....I am attempting to use what I thought would be a simple If, IfElse statement, but I keep getting an error message "The specified field can not be found'. The fields do indeed exist, and I have tried every permutation of quotation marks and brackets, as well as in text and calculation formats for the field in question...I want the field I'm programming to look at another field, "Calculation Field 1", and if it is filled with the word 'Five" to input text from another field, "Printer 1". If "Printer 1" is
  5. Hello, I;m hoping someone out there can guide me on this...I have single digit numbers imported from an xls in a field, which I need to replace with a term in another field. The script I am using to substitute the number with the word doesn't work using he number, and I apparently need to convert the number to text. The conversion code I have found doesn't work when I try it (replacing the field name to my own). I get error messages. Does anyone have a simple way to change a number to text. Oh, the fields are all text fields. I did try using a calculation field for the huge code I f
  6. Actually, the only way we have found is to purchase a plug-in from Troi, http://www.troi.com/, but it required FM 7 or newer. Let me know if you find any other way. Thanks,
  7. Hello, Since this post was a few months ago, I am hoping that you have solved this issue. I have a similar problem and I have not run across a way to solve it. I have bot Mac and PC users inputting data into the same database - image references from a shared server (Windows). The Mac users can't see the PC user's input images and vice versa. Have you solved this issue? Thanks,
  8. Thanks for that. I set up some script that, when the user clicks on a container, it flashes a message window which reminds them to use the 'reference' button. It seems to serve the purpose. Thanks again!
  9. Hello, IdealData was nice enough to respond to my topic related to this, but I thought I would pose my question here since it is in the same light. I am also trying to add images - not automatically - but I want only a reference to the image and not the image itself. The check mark to do this is so poorly placed in the window for our users to regularly click on it, we are getting an unacceptably large database. We will have a 12 Gig database at the completion of this project if it continues. Our database is hosted on a server, and the images are in a subdirectory of that location
  10. Thanks IdealData. I really appreciate your advice. In fact, we have 2 PC users in this database, and we have experienced the problem of not seeing the images. The Mac users can see most of the images input by the PC users, but the PC users can not see any of the images input by the Mac users. Do you have a solution to this issue? We are using FM 6, which uses fp5 formatting. The PC users are collecting the images on our server, the Mac users are accessing them for modification/edits. A relational connection using 2 databases may solve the size issue, but if I create a 2nd datab
  11. Hello All, I have recently created a database for 6 users. We are organizing several thousand images with it, and I need to keep file size low. The dataqbase and images are being housed permanently on a server, so linking the images is just fine for our needs. The embedded images are already getting large. Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks,
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