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  1. Bumping this because I think I am having a similar problem but it seems like it would be a common issue and simple fix. I have a data entry layout and a search layout. When you click the Search button on the data entry layout, it calls a script (SearchClients_Start) that performs these actions: 1. Go to Search Layout 2. Enter Find Mode In the search layout (now in Find Mode), I have set each field to Set Script Triggers OnObjectKeystroke Perform Script SearchClients_Trigger, Enable in Find Mode SearchClients_Trigger: Set Error Capture [On] Allow User Abort [Off] IF C
  2. Ah yes you did! I must have skipped over that part and went onto my testing. Sorry about that.
  3. An update on this, there is a way around the IWP home page. The guest account must be the only one with priveledges to run IWP. If that is how it is set, then you run the link that I posted above and it will go right to the db, with the layout you specify in a script. I would like to explore ways to login after auto logging in with guest. It appears the login without dialog is not compatible with IWP.
  4. Thanks for the response. I understand what you are saying, however what I am looking for is a way to pretty much bypass the home page, where you have to select the database, and just go directly to the database without having to select it using the link. The way I can think of is to build my custom home page and just put in code as described in the IWP guide where is says to put this in my html doc: http://<IP address>:<Port number>/fmi/iwp/cgi?-db=<database name>&-loadframes unless someone has a better solution or has done this befo
  5. I think I am looking for a similar solution. I would like to bypass the IWP homepage, or a custom homepage, and go directly to a layout. I assume this means that a custom homepage will have to be created, and then some syntax in the page code will redirect to a layout. Or basically some code that mimics the clicking of the database link on the homepage. Does anyone know the html syntax to do this? Thanks for any help on this!!!!
  6. Yes, this is exactly what I needed! I used the filter. Thank you again for making this simple.
  7. Yes, that helps immensely. Tomorrow I will read up on the link you sent and try to implement the fix you give here. I appreciate your help on the matter. This calendar has been a God-send. I needed a calendar feature for my solution but I was intimidated by creating one myself. This was actually very easy to integrate into my solution, and does everything I need! I am very impressed and if anyone has the opportunity to check it out, they should do so! Thanks again.
  8. Thanks, I registered and will post as soon as I can. I've seen some seedcode help on here too so if anyone have knowledge of it please let me know if you can help anyways. Thanks,
  9. Hi everyone: I was able to integrate the seedcode calendar into my solution and I must say I am very pleased. However My solution is a multi-user environment and the login users are based on a users table. When a user logs in, a series of scripts control the records that the user can see.. which are only the ones they are the owner of based on a User field. My problem is that the calendar displays off the events file and I must admit I am not that strong with relationships but it seems to me I need a way to make the events table only display related records, but even if I constrain
  10. Thank for the response and the suggestion. I will re-write my script to work towards the type of setup you have talked about. Not sure what you mean exactly with doing it off the layout. Forgive me I am still fairly new to FM11. Last version I used heavily was FM5 so I have some old habits. Thanks again! I will certainly ask if I run into any other snags.
  11. Hi All: I've been trying to figure this out on my own for a couple of nights now and I haven't fixed it so I thought I would check with people smarter than me! Problem: I keep getting error 504 which is basically the primary key constraint I set up on a field. Purpose: The purpose of this script is to add a related event from the Planner table when the values in the field "Interests" in the customer table match the interests field in the Planner table. The super script is a save of the customer record, and there is the possibility that the user changes the "Interests" for a cus
  12. Thanks for the info! I think since I have designed it to use the globals, I will stick with that. Your suggestion of locking the status area is perfect. It's not used anyways and I am going to lock it from the get-go so they don't mess with it. That brings me to another question. One I've had since back using FM5: How do globals behave in terms of a server-client environment? For example: User1 updates the value in a global field. User2 also views that global field after the change is made. Will user2 see the change made by user1? I ask because I have some globals being set and
  13. Hi all: For most of my FM experience, I've been using fp5 technology. I recently got FM 11 advanced and I am struggling to catch up with some of the enhacements since my previous version, FM6. I wanted to take advantage of the "new" feature of a layout where you can uncheck the "save record changes automatically." What I found is that I can tab to the fields all I want, but as soon as I click in an empty space or try to change the record, it will prompt me to save changes. I read the help file and this is indeed how this is supposed to work. In my solution, I have an edit butt
  14. Thanks for the help. I am creating another file and relating the tasks as per your suggestion. I would like to get a hold of a new version but I need advanced server and that ain't cheap. Maybe when I get my business successful I can make it a business cost. :)
  15. Hi all: I am working with fp5, and I have a customer database that also manages contact events. I have the file customers related to a contactevents file. Customers are searched and if contact is needed then the type of contact is put into the field called Tasks. Since a customer can have multiple types of contacts from searching, each contact task is put on a line in the field. For example, customer1 has multiple contact tasks. The Tasks field has these values separated by a return: New Customer Upcoming Event Here is where the problem comes. If a better way is out there I'd
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