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  1. I have FMP 3 installed on the same machine and everything works fine. The G5 has OSX 10.4.11 on it as that is the last operating system that will run the classic environment. The installer file for FMserver has a ".mbn" extension, that no application is associated with. Apple says all they can do is reinstall classic. Filemaker doesn't support any version 7 or older. I'm playing around with an emulator called sheep shaver, but I don't have very high hopes for it. Please tell me one of you guys knows what i'm doing wrong, I dread updating the whole database to a new version (yes, even though this one is 13 years old).
  2. As I understand it .FP3's aren't compatible with .FP7's so I have to export all the data and then import it again into new records I create in FM9. What would the best format for the export be? Excel? Are there any tips you guys know to make the transition smooth?
  3. Crossett

    What is the difference

    What would an average server cost to run monthly if someone else hosts it?
  4. Crossett

    What is the difference

    What are the benefits to paying someone else to host our server rather than just setting up a PC and connecting it to our network here?
  5. Crossett

    What is the difference

    The plan is to upgrade to FM9 In the main office we have 10 computers, there is a satellite office with 5 computers, and anywhere from 12-15 people that connect to us from all over the place. It is probably not going to grow any larger than that.
  6. Crossett

    What is the difference

    Can someone explain the point of FM server and Client installs? Currently we are just using a client install with all our files open and shared over the network. What is the advantage to using FM server?
  7. What happens if I just open my existing .FP3 files with FM9?
  8. The company I work for has been using FM4 for the last 10 years or so. When I asked my boss why he hasn't upgraded he said that The newer versions are slower due to "running mainly on the internet". I have never tried a newer version, so I can't say that it won't be, but I have a hard time imagining this is the case. His opinion comes from how long it takes to sort files when you are connected to our local network vs. connecting from elsewhere. It's getting to the point where we are going to have to upgrade. On the windows side FM4 doesn't work with 64 bit OS's, on the Mac side it won't run on any Intel Mac and OSX 10.5 doesn't support classic (which FM4 needs to run). So our hardware choices are quickly vanishing. I am pretty much the go to "IT guy" here, so I am going to be the one handling the upgrade. Is there a certain version of FM that I should look for? What are the benefits of one version over the next? Can someone dispel the speed loss idea in a way that I can explain it to him so he will be willing to upgrade sooner rather than later? We have several gigs of FM files that are essential to the operation of the business. I am assuming that all the newer versions of FM are backwards compatible, but are there any issues I will run into using files that were written with FM4 and earlier on a newer version (I'm also assuming I will use FM9 unless you guys inform me otherwise)?

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