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  1. This is regarding a server (Server A) running Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2 and FileMaker Server 10 Advanced I have a FM database hosted on Server A that connects to two different SQL Server 2005 databases on Server B, no problems. One of those databases has been migrated to a SQL Server 2008 installation on Server C. Created a new ODBC source on Server A to see the database on Server C. Tested the connection in Control Panel Data Sources, it works. Next, I set up an new External Data Source on my FM database to point to Server C. When I set up a new table instance i
  2. Recent updates of Java don't work with the FMS 9 Admin Console. You need to install an older version of Java on your desktop computer for the Admin Console to work. I'm running 1.6 Update 7 for my Admin Console. Something newer than that may work, but I'm not sure.
  3. We are in the process of setting up a FileMaker Server Advanced 11 installation. We will be using one or two virtual machines for this, depending on whether we set up the database server and web components on the same virtual machine or different virtual machines. Does anyone have any recommendations on what has worked for them: one or two machines, and choice of operating system (Server 2003, Server 2008, Server 2008r2, and 32-bit vs. 64-bit)? Thank you in advance for your help.
  4. I'm trying to use an import records script with FM 10 Advanced for Mac. The data source for the import is a SQL Server database. (Connecting with Actual ODBC driver.) The core of my problem is that I can't seem to store the username and password for the database I'm connecting to. So 1) everytime I run the script I have to enter credentials, and 2) there's multiple import steps in the script, each from different tables in the same SQL Server database - and I have to enter credentials each time. There's an option to save the username and password, but it doesn't work. Not sure i
  5. I have records that have until now been getting pushed from an MS Access databse into FMS databases. It uses the SequeLink client, which frankly has been a pain. What we would like to do is instead pull the information from a SQL Server database into FMS. This would use the ODBC drivers built into Windows, which we've had far less trouble with. The problem is, while I would rather have all the data stored in the SQL Server tables (avoiding issues of synchronization and redundancy), the existing FMS tables (at least 16 of them) all have a plethora of calculated fields. Recreating those
  6. I am having a problem with FMS on Windows 2003 Server running as a VMware virtual machine. I know the problem is happening when a user tries to open a database and it asks for a login. (FMS is set to use external authentication via AD, so usually anyone on the domain does not need to login.) Most of the databases require AD credentials for users to login. Authentication with AD credentials fails. However, I am able to open the FMS sample db (which doesn't require AD credentials) without a problem. Compounding this problem, however, is that after this happens, I have li
  7. Is there a way to set the File Options for an FMP database using Applescript? Specifically, I need an automated process to check "Log in using:" and then enter an account name and password.
  8. I have a number of related FM files, stored on FM Server, that are used for production in a multi-user setting. The primary user wants the following: 1. To be able to have a copy of the files for offline use with all data up to the point of copying it. (I am currently implementing this by running a backup job on FMS and placing the files in a folder on a server he has access to.) 2. Account security with different privilege sets. When opening the files via FMS, to use an account with full privileges requires logging in. (We use authentication via AD, so it's actually trans
  9. Not sure if you already have an answer. (And for that matter, if I'm understanding correctly, so I apologize if I misunderstand what you're saying.) But is a layout specifically for the web user an option? If so, either show only that field on the layout, or if you have to display other fields, configure the field behavior for those fields so that it cannot be entered in browse or find modes.
  10. We have an Access 2003 database that is set up to append records to several FMS tables using the SequeLink ODBC driver. We are having problems with floating point numbers in the way I'm sure many people are already familiar with (such as 1.1 is now 1.1000000000000000888, as described in another post). Is there a way to adjust the append from Access to eliminate this problem? Or else, what about exporting records from a layout to Excel using the number formatting that is in the layout setup for that field?
  11. We are planning on upgrading our FMS 9 Advanced installation to FMS 10 Advanced. We also have several Access databases and a number of tables within those databases that read and write data to the FMS databases using the SequeLink driver. My question is whether the upgrade process also requires us to do some work with the connections in the Access database. (As in, do we have to open the Access databases to recreate each of those connections?) I know the documentation discusses that the SequeLink driver provided with 10 is an upgrade from previous version, but I wasn't sure if is speci
  12. Instead of performing a find, would it be possible to use Privilege sets? If there is a field in the record that stores the username, you could allow access privileges to rows in a table based upon whether Get(AccountName) matches the contents of a field in that record. Not sure if that provides any advantages over a scripted Find.
  13. Joel P

    Buttons in IWP

    I know that in FileMaker layouts, buttons can have more than one line of text. But in IWP, only the first line displays. Am I just missing something, or am I just stuck with this limitation?
  14. Greetings, I am creating a database hosted on FM Server to be accessed using IWP. One of the design requirements is to be able to log either the machine name or IP address of the client machine. Is there a way to accomplish this? The only solution I've been able to find involves PHP, but I am hoping there's a simpler alternative. Many thanks!
  15. Obviously you've solved your problem already, but I was wondering if it might have been related to one I had. Did you happen to have any rectangles drawn on the layouts where you were having trouble? I noticed in IWP that when I have a field on top of a rectangle, in some instances I will be unable to edit the field. But the problem doesn't occur using the FMP client. It took me awhile, but I finally figured out that the rectangle object was actually on top of the field, so I couldn't click on it in IWP. Once I brought the field to the front, the problem went away.
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